03 November 2016

the Chicago CUBS' 02 November World Series' WIN

More nationally unifying the Cubbies’ win is THAN this so historic y2016 presidential election is --- --- which has to it a major party candidate for our president who is female. 

THIS win of theirs coming as it did at Chicago’s Central Time Zone --- & also mine --- of 11:47 pm on 02 November y2016, occurred on THE very exact same day, 02 November y1920, that women in the United States of America 96 years ago marked their ballots in such a historic election for their very first legal time EVER.

IN other words, NO woman in the United States --- or the World --- was able to even cast a vote one time legally UNTIL a full dozen years AFTER … … our u n i f y i n g Chicago Cubbies last won the Series’ championship !   

WHAT an incredibly historical marker THESE TWO coincidental years ON the very same day is !


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