19 September 2010

in this age of gaming, then: … the Custody Evaluator Bullshit BINGO game …

... The custody evaluator version of the old - fashioned Bullshit BINGO game is now online courtesy of Frank Ledo, programmer.

http://www.bullshitbingo.net/cards/custody_evaluator and


Cards only (handy for printing)

The game can be played in multiple milieus.

Signaling by the winner will vary depending upon where the game is being held.

In educational venues, such as meetings in law offices, continuing education conferences at which the evaluator is pontificating, and in law school family law classes, it is appropriate to use the old-fashioned enthusiastic expression of joy that characterized the original "buzzword" bingo game, coupled (at the winner's option) by feet shuffling or even stomping or cheering.

In the courtroom or during depositions, however, a winner who feels inhibited by formal protocols may, instead, utter something along the lines of "I heard a Who!" or "Psssst -- No clothes!" (the latter being short for "The Emperor has no clothes!") or any creative variation thereof in the winner's discretion, with or without a choking fit, that will be understood by the other game players.

The foregoing notwithstanding, lawyers playing the game in court are deemed to win if at any point in the game they move to strike the evaluator's testimony. Bonus tournament points also are given IF (heh.heh.heh) ... the judge agrees!

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