26 November 2014

! Haaaappy, Happy 75th Birthday, Mz Tina !

And many, many more TO you ! and yours !

Here is a compilation of Diva Tina performing her most STUNNING song EVER: 

                        .RIVER DEEP     MOUNTAIN HIGH.

L O V E L Y Mz TINA TURNER !  tinyurl.com/k9ox2sj

16 November 2014

birth control: just the information ABOUT it !

  1. Yea, Rah, Rah, Science ! logical / reasonable: 
    the Greatest Invention .over All of Time over All the World.: 
    chemical BIRTH CONTROL = the birth control .P.I.L.L.  !
  2. Arrested today 16 November 1916:  Ms Margaret Sanger for opening a birth control INFORMATION clinic.  Police came and shut it down.  Sanger was jailed all thanks to Your Man: Anthony Comstock of this nefarious infamy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx6aEfseDbg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgJqYOqgkNs and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Comstock

12 November 2014

an honoring, please, for Ms Elizabeth ... ... ... ... NOOOO forgetting

Happy Birthday today, ELIZABETH CADY Stanton!

The woman grew into their first selves and bulldozed 'em all out then ... ... !seven! kiddos.

No washing machines and no air conditioning and no furnaces and no refrigerators and no ranges.

And.and.and she still found time to get YOU past thus: and, although dead without casting a ballot herself, another 17,000,000 of you .f.i.n.a.l.l.y. into the voting booths by 1920.

11 November 2014

in y2014: life as a veterinarian when one is, ... ... instead, ... ... a woman

Still in y2014:  eg only this particular aspect ( out of many sexist ones ): 
USA salaries:  female $88,000 v male $112,000 … … sooo if hers is considered 100%, then his is 127%.   Wha’ ? !

[ And that isn’t even the one where the animal owner, knowing that she is the veterinary professor,
asks him, the student, for … …
… … The Medical Counsel. ]

From the time I graduated with my DVM in mid 1978, till now ?  36 years. 
IF I had been at practice at $24,000 LESS per year during 36 years’ time, then that would be $864,000 LESS ( gross ) that I have earned until now. 

[ And this is just in the United States. 
O.  O.no.no. … … no.no.no.  NOT worth it, is it ?  Is it ? … … Really ? ]
Sexism Straight From The Horse’s Mouth:
Life As A Female Veterinarian

06 November 2014

The family cat was lynched: THE BASIS for ALL separation of state from church in the USA

This birthday commemoration, that for Ms Vashti Cromwell McCollum who had she lived, would be 102 years old this date of 06 November 2014, is the type of commentary re a remembered birthday which all – the – time – only – happy – talk Morning Edition should have featured this morning --- in addition to or instead of the one which it did.  ( And, because of its crud, … … THE reason since Bob Edwards’ summary dismissal from its program leadership some time back … … that I refuse to donate $ to NPR anymore. )

The saga of Midwesterner Ms Vashti Cromwell McCollum and her three sons, one now himself long an attorney, of simple Champaign, Illinois, is both history – making and precedent – setting.  

The y1945trial and its outcome of Ms Vashti Cromwell McCollum IS:  THE basis for separation of state from church --- inside the United States of America.  That is just a year and a half 'fore my own birth.

Yet, in your, my, in any history textbooks of high school today? 

Does anyone even know of her?  Do we know of her and her Boys’ and spouse’s courage?  She and her kiddos were soooo, so horribly treated; her spouse from his state – supported university professorship was threatened with firing.

The Cromwell McCollum Family kitty cat was lynched.  The townspeople killed the atheist family's kitty.
  1. Martin, Douglas (26 Aug 2006). "Vashti McCollum, 93, Plaintiff In a Landmark Religion Suit". The New York Times. p. A13.
Why is our history so … … doggedly, persistently --- so purposefully … … hidden?

04 November 2014

"I sha'n't be gone long. — You come too."

ON my way to go VOTE today
and as from "The Pasture" by Robert Frost:

"I sha'n't be gone long. — You come too.":) 

... ... yet another favorite:  youtube.com/watch?v=pO70ZjZ0wrw  

17,000,000 went to the ballot box on 02 November 1920, who never before had been able to do so. 

Likely many then only voted as their spouses ordered them to … … but so not since !

No other 20th Century event, not ww i, not ww ii 
and not even the European Holocaust, ... ...
.IMPACTED. as many then --- nor since.