24 August 2015

Of the NOTapology

i)               In all of my life including the times I worked as a nurse practitioner and as a veterinary practitioner and as a veterinary microbiology professor and as myself an animal lover and owner many times over, I never even one time, then, considered that of what my dear and young yet longtime friend has just this summer taught me:  one form of elder abuse, an incredibly determined, cruel and heinous one, is where someone maims and purposefully injures or kills an old woman’s cat.

ii)              Of the notapology:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-apology_apology with thus ! 
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From http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2013/05/14/183924858/its-true-mistakes-were-made-is-the-king-of-non-apologies, thus, “No less an authority on language than the late William Safire, in his Safire's Political Dictionary, devoted an entry to the oft-used phrase ( “mistakes were made” and “whatever mistakes were made” and “IF mistakes were made” [ How slippery are those three notapologies ! I personally in all 88 of her years breathing never heard out of Annabelle Maas, a person who loathed the fact that she birthed three daughters instead of sons and of whom she was soooo, so jealous, anything that was a true apology, only ever from her the IF notapology !  Always ! ] ) — describing it as "a passive - evasive way of acknowledging error while distancing the speaker from responsibility for it."

And https://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/?s=notapology&searchsubmit=Find+%C2%BB = has inside these posts, several instances thereof … … and even more notapology examples and no accountability – excusals here from the New York Times’ Mr Bruce McCall of http://www.nytimes.com/2001/04/22/weekinreview/the-perfect-non-apology-apology.html:  who “… … -- teaches that, with sufficiently artful double talk, you can get what you want by seeming to express regret while actually accepting no blame.  And this can work even if you're in the wrong!   Study the examples below to see how this ingenious strategy can be used to resolve virtually any knotty impasse.”

13 August 2015

successful Stockholming: to wit, from the crime ... ... a survival strategem

The lies are so pervasive that ... ... at where does one .even. begin ? !

*     *      *      *

True it is.  O so head – bangingly true it is:  the lying, that is.

Verbatim from Petitioner’s Affidavit section A, “From 1968 through 1972 I taught at the Cleveland Public Schools as a junior high general science teacher.  I then went to graduate school at Iowa State University and obtained my degree in cell biology in 1972.  In the fall of 1975, I was accepted to medical school, …” 

And, “I went to the University of Missouri in Jefferson City, as a teacher.  I taught pathology full-time until May 1986.” 

And “She was hired as Director of the Microbiology Section of the Veterinarian Diagnostic Laboratory.”

And “I considered this a golden opportunity because I did not want to raise our children in Kansas City because the public school system was very poor.  I also thought my wife Legion would have a better chance of finding employment in Ames because of the Veterinarian School at Iowa State University.”

Verbatim from Petitioner’s Affidavit section B, “I first met Legion in 1974.  At that time, she had just been accepted to Veterinarian School.  Legion had previously been married to a Mr. John Silvre (Herry misspelled his last name) in the late 1960’s.  This marriage lasted approximately two to four yours, ending in divorce.  I had not been married previously.”  

“Weeeeell, just exactly – if this person, Dr. Legion True, about whom you’re writing here then actually, now, is your spouse, Dr. Edinsmaier, and she has – at the very least – then been that … your wife … for now, lo, these last infamous 12½ years –– ah, if she is, … then just exactly which was it? –– was it two years for the twat or was it four years?  Or, maybe three?  Maybe three for your pussy?  Or, maybe in Truth about this one nonspecific, unremarkable and merely classic cunt within your stash of them, … you, Narcissist Herry, … you have absofriggin’lutely no idea, do you?”

Verbatim, Herry continues and, nota bene particularly, I include all of the obvious spelling, omission, grammar and birthday errors in his so – called Petitioner’s Affidavit B, “After my wife and I began dating, she told me she suffered from mental problems after her first marriage ended.  Specifically, she said suffered from a severe reactive depression disorder and had to obtain psychiatric help as a result. 

We spent a great deal of time together before we married although we both maintained separate apartments.  My wife and I were married on December 18, 1976 in Ames, Iowa.  This was approximately four months after our first child, Zena, was born on August 24, 1976.  The reason we got married was because of the great deal of pressure from our families.  We have two other sons born to our marriage:  Jesse, born December 15, 1978, and Mirzah, born September 28, 1979.

Legion entered Veterinary School in the fall of 1974.  She graduated in the spring of 1978 with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree.  From 1974 through 1978, we jointed shared in all child care responsibilities with the exception of bathing and breastfeeding.  I cooked, cleaned, did laundry, and changed diapers.  We were both working or going to professional school and the time demands required that we equally share the child caring responsibilities.

During the 1978-79 school year, I commuted back from Iowa City to Ames every weekend.  Legion would leave Zena at the babysitters while she attended school in Ames.  In 1978, the entire family was living in Iowa City.  In 1978, my wife Legion took a job in Solon, Iowa at a small veterinary clinic.  She dealt with small animals.  Her hours were approximately from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  My wife took Zena and Jesse to a babysitter in Solon while she was working so she could nurse them.  Legion then felt the job was too stressful, so she quit and began to babysit for our children and others in our home.”

[“Ooops, ooops, ooops, ooops!  Waaaait a second here!  Hold up!  Stop the more – or – less mimicking stenograph, Woman!  Wait just a pea – picking, mother – fucking second here!  What’s with the fucked – up ‘1978–79 school year’ statement here!  Why, babies – two!! of the three!! weren’t even born yet, O Daddee – o’‘em all – Dearest!  I was nine months’ pregnant with Jesse but Jesse soooo not even born yet, and Mirzah?  Mirzah wasn’t even anyone’s eyeball sparkle!  Then suddenly your sworn statement has us all back ‘in 1978’; we’re all not in Ames anymore whatsoever but in Iowa City?  What’s with this freakin’ years’ fuckup, O So Brilliant One?  Your sworn statement’s utter … fucked – up mother – fucking! 

daJudge, ‘The Court’, … give a shit about any of this fuckup?! 

O, we soooo know, don’t we Jury, the resoundingly loud NO answer to that ‘ne! 

No shock this is, though:  The Pillar, The Exalted cannot remember to use my True first name –– probably cuz it is – to him – for ‘woman’, for actually ‘naming’ me, the ubiquitous and nonspecific and unremarkable and merely classic Pussy one.  Or Cunt.  And he cannot remember – in like manner – the birthings and first years of any of my three babes!!!  Two Truemaier Boys are not even born yet ––– yet the Great and Wonderful Dr. Herod Edinsmaier claims here that he did soooo, so much, ya’ know … – ‘all childcare responsibilities!’  What a freakin’ joke!  And in what friggin’ universe of yours anywhere, Dr. Edinsmaier, am I nursing Newborn Jesse and a two – year – old, ‘Zena’, at the very same time! as in ‘so she could nurse them?’  I am miraculously and massively marvelous – a bloody wonderment, I know; but even I don’t wear that cape, do I, Doc?!  And – for now, Doc, after this paragraph above – why, your fuckups just continue on below, don’t they?!  ‘In May 1980, after I graduated from the University of Iowa, we went to Hershey, Pennsylvania to begin my’ yada, yada, yada?  Uh – uh.  Uh – uh.  O, NO!  Wasn’t May at all, now was it,     O So Brilliant One?  Wasn’t May at all.  ‘Twas March 1980, wasn’t it, Doctor Daddee?  ‘Member, doncha   O So Brilliant One, getting us five all so goddamn lost hauling for hours and hours me and all three of the Truemaier Babies around and around in the blustery, driving rain and freezing cold March middle of the goddamned night trying to find that countryside’s hovel which you yourself had earlier rented for all of us to try to live in – rented it, entirely uninspected upon some asshole’s goddamn ‘word of honor’ over the telephone from Iowa?!  daJudge care that these so – called ‘facts’ of yours are, indeed, fucking false, that they are lies?!  Does he, ‘The Court’, fuckin’ care one iota at all?  Fuck that.”]

“In May 1980, after I graduated from the University of Iowa, we went to Hershey, Pennsylvania to begin my medical residency training.  After a few months, it became apparent that my salary as a resident was not enough for us to make financial ends meet, so Legion became employed as a Veterinarian at the Vale Animal Hospital.  She worked the night rounds from noon until 10:00 p.m.  We were forced to employ many different babysitters during this time.  Due to the long hours Legion and I were working, we needed a babysitter.  However, during this period, because Legion was working nights, I would get up in the morning to care for the children and attend to their morning needs. 

In 1982, Legion expressed a desire to become a teaching member of a veterinary faculty.  This would not be possible without her first obtaining a doctorate degree, so she enrolled in the University of Missouri.  We had to move to Columbia.  She became a full-time student, and in 1986 she received her Ph.D. in Veterinary Micro Biology.  During the time when Pigeon [ … about his alleged ‘spouse’, just another one of the Brilliant Dr. Edinsmaier’s rather ‘convenient’ and descriptively telling misspellings! … ] was in school from 1982 through 1986, the kids went to daycare while I was working.  However, at night I cared for the children.  At this stage of the boys’ lives, toilet training became important.  Because my wife Legion is deaf in her left ear, when the children would get up in the middle of the night, as they often did, they would come and wake me up and I would tend to their toilet and other nightly needs.  While we lived in Columbia, Missouri, we rented a house Legion’s parents had bought.  When that situation did not work out, we rented a two-bedroom duplex.  I became quite involved in taking care of the children during this period of time.  All three of the children began elementary school and I played a primary role in deciding the choice of school, and the age in which the children would enter school.  I felt this was particularly important because all three boys had late summer birthdays and I believed it was to their benefit to be the oldest in their class instead of the youngest.  I also felt an ungraded elementary school would be better because of the higher educational opportunities and also their increased exposure to a variety of children.   It is from this early beginning of my non-ending commitment to my children to obtain the best possible education, that I continue to hold their education part of their wellbeing and my main concern in life. 

One example of this commitment is I have started to help Zena develop his talent and special skill in art.     I have done everything I could to help him accomplish that skill and today he is on the road to becoming    a fine artist. 

Jesse is the athlete of the family.  I have coached Jesse’s soccer team, and he is very good.  In fact, his skills are better than mine.  I also have encouraged Jesse to pursue other sports.

Mizha is particularly mechanical and has exhibited special qualities.  One example is when I encouraged him to become familiar with tools, he took all the doorknobs off in the house.  All three children participate in accellerated [ … along with more of Herry – Daddee’s own advanced and gifted … and fatherly … misspelling prowess, ‘education’ … being soooo important ‘n’ all to him!] or classes for the gifted.

In June, 1986, Legion graduated and was offered a full-time faculty position at the Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.  Because I wanted her to pursue her career, I turned down various jobs and opportunities away from Manhattan in order that she could stay at Kansas State.  I had looked for work in Manhattan and Topeka and having found nothing acceptable [ … my emphasis …], I secured a position at Downshim Labs in Kansas City as a Pathologist.  Kansas City is approximately a two-hour commute from Manhattan, Kansas.  I was willing to do this in order to help get my wife’s career off the ground.  From May 1986 through June 1987, I spent approximately two to three nights per week in Kansas City, living in hotels there.

Legion was working as a Junior Faculty member at Kansas State University in Veterinarian Micro Biology.  All three children were in school.  We had babysitters most of the time I was away in Kansas City.  Legion, due to her work schedule, was assisted by someone helping the children get ready for school, picking the children up after school, and caring for their needs.  On Mondays, Fridays, and on the weekends, however, I helped to those things.  We employed no babysitters on those days I was home.

In 1987, Legion lost her job and I took a position in Ames.  We purchased our first home there.  Legion has remained unemployed since we left Manhattan.  Since 1987 we have had more “traditional” roles in our marriage in that I was the sole wage earner and Legion was primarily responsible for the child care responsibilities.  However, I still helped with all child rearing responsibilities and enjoyed doing so.  I consider the children to be my primary responsibility regardless of my job and how tired I may be, as I am the only Pathologist in the laboratory in Ames and work long hours.  But my first commitment is to my kids.  Because the children have been moved so many times, I have made a commitment to myself, my children, and my wife that we would stay in Ames and the children would graduate from highschool [not mine again – again, not the way I was … educated … to spell] in Ames.  In order to fulfill that commitment since my wife Legion is unemployed, I have continued to work long hours in order to support my family.” 

That’d be B in toto.  For … now.  O, and boooofuckinghoo! Herry, regarding “how tired I may be.”  Note just exactly how many times –– zero times! in her affidavit Mother – of – Three – Boys and Dr. Legion True throws to daJudge, to “The Court” her parenting self a friggin’ pity party about her exhaustion! 

Verbatim again, Petitioner’s Affidavit section C states, “I have had my share of personal problems.  I have suffered from alcoholism since 1977.   As soon as I recognized I had a problem, I went to counseling in Iowa City and have been a member of AA since that time.  I have not had any alcohol or any drugs since 1977.

My wife currently suffers from a psychological disorder known as codependency, exhibited by certain personality disorders.”  [JYeah, Catch that, did You Jury?  That’s multiple disorders within a disorder.]  “She has told me this disorder originated from her first husband’s problems with drugs.  She was also treated by a psychiatrist for depression after her first marriage and has also been in psychological counseling for codependency since the fall of 1987 at the Regional Substance Abuse Center on a weekly basis.  Legion’s problems have been longstanding in nature and have contributed to our marital discord.  She has a violent temper and directs a great deal of anger toward me, and most recently, has involved our children in our problems.”  As disclosed earlier, that was it for Section C.  Last paragraph?  All – and only – about me.  More on this section later, too.  Suffice it to say here and now, in Storm County and anywhere else that I have ever lived?  There is no “Regional Substance Abuse Center” nor have I ever walked inside any such place by that name.  Fast and looooose with ‘reality’ here, huh?  O O O weeeell:  No civil – court family – law judge I’ve met to date … cares!

If we haven’t yet heard enough on the safety and wellbeing of the budding artist, one multiply talented and bookoo sports – playing athlete and the household mechanic because of the long – suffering and sleepless efforts of a totally attentive and present father, we are about to read as “evidence” because it is sworn written “testimony,” mind you, the culmination of Herry’s Affidavit in the rest of all of those hours of daddeeness that is Section D entitled, of course, “SAFETY AND WELLBEING OF CHILDREN AND MORAL CLIMATE.”  Also in toto and verbatim. 
“At various times when my wife and I were not getting along, Legion has threatened me and our children that she will separate us.  Specifically in 1985, she gathered the children around and told them they would never see me again until they were 16.  This caused two of our children to run away from home for a short period of time. 

Legion and I were separated in June 1988.  Legion has remained in the family home and I live in an apartment.  Since the separation, I have paid all the bills, household payments, and given her, on average $800 per month.  I have usually meet all her additional financial requests.”  [It’s not my grammatical sentence and note the word “usually” also.  That actually means, “Since I did one time but never, ever again?  Well, cuz of that one time then, I get to lie about all of the rest of the requests the Whore made      ‘n’ jus’ snow daJudge with my word ‘usually’ here – heh, heh, heh … ”]

“At first after our separation when I asked to see the children, she would conveniently plan other activities for them, preventing me from seeing them.  As a result of such refusals by Legion, in early September we worked out an arrangement that I see the children every weekend beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Friday until 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.  This was to continue until January 3, 1989 when we agreed to re-evaluate our position.  During this period of time, we tried marriage counseling but it turned out to be unsuccessful. 

My wife and I met on January 3, 1989 after our counseling concluded.  Since that meeting, my wife has restricted even minimal access to my children because of the hostility she feels toward me.

On numerous occasions, Legion has called me at work making various demands regarding the issues of the dissolution.  She has confronted me in the presence of the children.  I have  become increasingly  concerned as to the safety and wellbeing of the children when they are with Legion because she seems to hate me so much and uses the children to punish me.  Zena has exhibited behavioral problems and was recently caught smoking.  The boys were told by their mother that she is having my apartment watched by an individual when the children come to see me.  This has caused Jesse to be afraid and he refuses to go to sleep except with me.  When the children have been with me, Legion has shown up at my apartment demanding to speak with me in front of our children about issues of our marriage.  At times she has become violent and combative on occasion and in front of the boys.  This upsets them.

Legion has gotten violent many times before.  She has attempted to forcibly enter my car, my apartment, and my place of business.  She has done this while I have the children with me.  In fact, she has repeatedly attempted to contact me at work and on one occasion she even tried to enter the laboratory when Zena was with me because he had been sent away by Legion from home for punishment.  She was denied access to the building because of her irate manner and the result has been for the lab supervisor telling me such disruptions must end.  Upon his advice and the advice of the Company’s attorney, our secretary has been instructed not to answer Legion’s repeated phone calls to me at work.  This has made Legion even more angry at me and more disruptive in our children’s lives.

I can cite many more examples and have hard evidence to support the instances where Legion has attempted to manipulate our children in an effort to strike out at me.  This is not good for the children and I have already seen her actions detrimentally affect our children.” 

The End.  Herry’s end, that is. 

Very important this avowed – to affidavit’s last sentence of Petitioner Edinsmaier’s “Safety – and – Well – Being – and – Moral – Climate” Section is.  Herry – Daddee has “hard evidence” and has already beheld, he solemnly swears, the harm caused to Zena!  I mean to Zane and to Jesse and to Mizha, I mean, er, to Mirzah by me!  I, the Truemaier Boys’ mama, in their livesat all … means that they, as minors only 12, 10 and 9 years old, are already, are currently and have of longstanding now been, … in harm’s way. 

That is to what Pillared Doctor Herod Edinsmaier is averring here.  Right off the bat … Act One, Part One.  And yet:  it is still only the Opera’s Overture. 

Not one word does Pathologist Edinsmaier’s “Safety – and – Well – Being – and – Moral – Climate” Section on the pathologies of parents to the Truemaier Boys have in it … about Herry – Daddee’s aprovechar – and – taking slackerism:  that is, Herry The Daddee’s absolute aversion to true work! while all the while, harboring colossal neediness for mammoth amounts of attention, Herry – Daddee’s exhibitionism that is (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fourth Edition) psychiatric illness #302.4 with the weekend jeans’ crotch holes full up of showing off his pubic hairs, his answering the Othello Drive’s front door in only underpants and his flourish at purposefully reopening the bedroom drapes time after time after time after time ad nauseum … , Herry – Daddee’s voyeurism that is (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fourth Edition) psychiatric illness #302.82) with i) his … hand – jiving … consumption of pornography and ii) Herry – Daddee’s crime, Iowa Code, Chapter 728.2, of dispersing it – as well – to his very own minor children, not to mention, iii) a medical penlight repeatedly thrust up my own True vagina cuz he, Herry The Husband, just … could … and iv) his med – student vaginal examinations’ mind rapes of paid laboratory workers; Herry – Daddee’s crime of frotteurism, Iowa Code, Chapter 728.1, 7c and 7d, with his i) groping of my girlfriend, Grace Portia, which is Herry –  Daddee’s (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fourth Edition) psychiatric illness #302.89 and, along with the incestuous criminality of it all as well as by his own verbal admission to me in our adulthoods ii) of his and Atwater’s teenage – brothers’ fondling, again! Iowa Code, Chapter 728.1, 7c and 7d, of three tiny sister siblings.  Let alone, not one word about the harm to the Truemaier Boys from Troubled and Conflicted “I – Have – Had – My – Share – of – Personal – Problems” Herry the Swearing Edinsmaier ––  of all of the above!  Let alone: not one goddamn, mother – fucking word to daJudge about who of the two of us parents is the protecting one, about the one of us two parenting adults who was actually trying to keep all three of the Truemaier Boys –– away from –– all of this harm! 

If all – or if any – had been born daughters?!  I can’t even imagine!  Whoooooa!  I don’t even want to imagine!

*     *     *     *

“Okaaaay, Herry.  Am I about to rebut just nearly all of this “hard evidence” that are actually your lies … or what!  These four A, B, C, D sections, Jury?   Readers?  These – all four of them – constitute the crime of perjury, Jury!  Just, however, the first of many, many, many such, very same crimes of it, specifically for perjury from Iowa Code, Chapter 720.2, said chapter in general entitled, “Interference with Judicial Process!” 

I am trying not to laugh too hard here because it truly is conflagrant to me.  But I can’t help it.  This was choice.  “O shit, Herry!  Smooth.  Smooooth.  Ms. Frumpy Custody Evaluator Canard heard all of this smooooth, too, I am so certain.  Jury?  Do you know the characteristics, even just a handful of them if not all of ‘em, of the typical wife batterer?  That’s ‘batter’ as in the crime of battery.  Well … one, just one of them, is, and is as old as androcentrism itself is:  throw it aaaall back on her!  Everything that she says about me?  Deny, deny, deny and particularly project it all back onto her –– that of which she is trying to state about me.  And, for sure, because it is a he – said / she – said situation and she will not be the one believed if it is smooth enough and particularly when it involves a man and his spermary, a pillared one at that, why never, never, never admit wrong or error or that what she says could be even remotely true.  And, voila, you are home free, Mother - Fucker! free! of her, I’m telling ya’.” That’s pretty much the characteristic … also verbatim! right out of any women’s shelter handbook regarding batterers – except for the last – sentence, name – for – daddee embellishment there:  that one would be all mine …  that the Good and Wonderful Doctor Herod Edinsmaier is a literal Mother – Fucker!

But, otherwise, this is the researches’ and statistical reality:  fathers and their gametes are not to be messed with.  Both are only to be exalted.  Sperm exaltation.  Father and fatherhood exaltation.   

I say, “O O O … kay then.  Just exactly who is coming out here from the courtroom or from after examining the ‘sworn – to’ documents submitted to The Court’s files … coming out here into this, The Real World, and bringing back to daJudge, bringing back from it, The Real World that is, to Judge Sol Wacotler Seizor, the absolute proof of the Truth of any of Herry’s muuuultiple avowals here, Jury?  Readers?  Who?  You?  And, furthermore, do you care what lies he’s told you and me?  Do you?  Does the judge?  Really?  Really and actually does daJudge, Judge Seizor, the man who once “legally” forced a first Mrs. Seizor into a certain prison way away from her very own four baby daughters, truly care?  It is easier to lie to and to deceive in an American court of civil law than it is to lie to and to deceive your … __you __ fill __ in __ the __ blank __, Jury.  Of course, depending upon … well, you know the rest of that sentence, too.”

I did not know it then, but I soooo know it now:  Depending upon who you are, it is easier to lie to and to deceive anyone inside an American civil court of law and get away with it than it is to lie to and to deceive one’s own mom and dad.  It is easier to lie to and to deceive an American civil court of law, which, we all know, is a judge or a bunch of ‘em, than it is to lie to and to deceive your own minister, your own teacher, your boss and co – workers, your spouse or even your own child.  It is, mind you, easier to get clean, slick away with lying to and with deceiving an American civil court judge about anything, depending, of course, … depending upon who you are, than it is to lie to and to deceive yourself!

What the most difficult about rebuttal is … is doing it!  Having to do it at all.  Why should I have to?  Why again and again and again do I have to?  Have to defend myself.  Always, always, always on the defensive throughout the entirety of The Opera.  The whole mother – fucking thing.  This?  This I loathe.  And have, now, long – pledged to myself never –– never … never … never –– to have to do to Herod Edinsmaier inside of any format or venue whatsoever again.  Not one more time.  To defend myself.  No. 

But to You the Jury?  JYeah.  No problem.  One more time again?  This tome, this volume?  Nooooo problem.  In fact:  Ratchet it on up, that very volume!  Bring it on!

Rebutting then begins, of course, right there within his, the Petitioner’s, Affidavit section A, continues throughout aaaall of Liar Edinsmaier’s four sections and finally ends then with, tah – dah, Respondent’s Affidavit!  That is, my personal history affidavit notarized and dated 10 February 1989!  Which weekday (of course!) date that horrid year happened to be on a Friday.


To begin then, “Wha’, Herry?  ‘From 1968 through 1972’ you taught junior high, then suddenly back in Ames you have, you swear, a grad degree in cell biology also in 1972?  But didn’t go to med school until 1975?  That ain’t so at all, now is it, Herry?  No graduate degree #1, Herry – zip, zilch on the master’s degree, right?!  That, well, along with all of your other procrastinations, well, … that just never did happen ever, now did it, Hype – ing Hypocrite Herry?  No diploma ‘tall!  Not even in 1975, which is when you left graduate school after I literally lived with and doctored you day and night, 24 / 7, back to life from a deathly parasitic pulmonary infestation from June 1975, right through till nine days before medical school began in late August 1975, when you were released from Oakdale Sanitarium outside Iowa City to where I’d had Devin drive you at top, breakneck speeds two weeks earlier and he thought those two harrowing hours in the car that you, coughing, gasping, cyanotic and doubled over, … that you were going to die on him right there racing down the interstate.  Okaaay, now that that’s straight, there’s more, isn’t there, Herry?!  How it is I literally saved that sacko’shit life of yours for you, isn’t there?!”

The tangible –– and screaming –– absence of Herry’s master’s degree in cell biology, something really, really easy to prove, well, did anyone bother ever to bring back to Judge Sol Wacotler Seizor the actual “evidence” of its existence?!  Of its nonexistence? ! ! ! 

“In fact, the master’s degree’s nonexistence has, indeed, hasn’t it Hype – ing Hypocrite Herry, just exactly the same nonexistence to it as that of a supposedly earned bachelor’s degree in physics ! ! ! which You, the Good and Wonderful Doctor Edinsmaier, to this day in Grubtrop and in Montclank, West Virginia, also claim to have, at one time, merited and deservedly received ! ! ! – but in point of actual fact, continue several decades later to pad thereby falsifying your medical organizations’ and societies’ résumés with and there state (as well as at these several agencies’ websites!) that you once obtained this alleged physics degree at Iowa State University –– when you soooo never did do? ! ! !  Ha!” 

Of course, we already know the answer to that –– along with all of the other NOT! answers to the very same question after every written affidavit lie and almost all of them, if not all of them, most easily and equally ascertained as false and, therefore, lies and – and – and, therefore too, … the crime of perjury!   Ya’ know, the crime detailed at Iowa Code, Chapter 720.2.  IF only they had been.  IF only that other pillar of the community known as daJudge, Judge Sol Wacotler Seizor, had ordered up the tangible proof  of … what it is … ‘he said’!

To continue I must just shake my head, “Herry, you of all people:  there is no University of  Missouri – Jefferson City at which you could’ve ever taught, let alone, could have taught full – fucking – time!  And moi?  ‘… hired as Director’?  As ‘director’ of anything?  Sure, Mister, suuuuure … just try to inflate my workplace post so that your monetary, support – to – me amount will be judge – ordered down – down – down … down into the toilet!  Bloat the fucking hell out of my –– actual –– position before I came to Storm County so that here in Ames with all of the veterinary installations here, I can soooo make it without alimony, ‘can’t she, Your Honor?’  I was in my first fucking fledgling year after obtaining the PhD, and my title was nothing fucking more than that of Assistant Professor –– as is everyone’s in their very first year –– and you soooo knew that, the smart guy that you are — with such a passel of quite like – titled siblings at various times and the institutions you’ve been around, let alone … the little, itty – bitty frickin’ fact that      I was your wife, for chris’sake, and wouldn’t you, therefore, know my precise professorial ranking because of just that spousal title and association alone?!”

More.  “Do you never proofread squat, Dr. Herod Edinsmaier?  You know full fucking well that nothing is ever referred to as ‘veterinarian school’ and yet at least three, if not more, times you term it … exactly that.  How fucking dare you diminish the naming of my educational endeavors when, with your own, you do not – ever – identify it as ‘doctor school’, Herry!  How fucking dare you continue that dissing of me and of my successes … just because you always have before – and in front of all three of my children, too?!?  How dare you?!?  Children whose birth date and, indeed, name you totally fucked up for Jesse and for whom you could never, not one fucking time, get correctly spelled for Zane.  What is up with that, Herry?  That is unforgivable from a blonde and bloodied secretary, let alone, when perpetrated by a goddamn, mother – fucking father.  Children who were never even being considered to be living one damn day, not to mention, ‘raised up’ in Kansas City!  What the fuck is up with that, too, Herry?  We were never even ever going to live or to school the Boys in Kansas City!  That never even fucking came up for discussion between us one time!  Ever!”  What a friggin’ load of fuckcrock from Herod, O He Who Hypes Himself Up!

Moving into Petitioner’s Affidavit section B with continued and further refutal of “sworn” – to “evidence.”     “So, Herry, you know me so well, huh?  I’m your fucking wife and you can write about me under oath to a judge –– cuz of your wealth of knowledge on my background –– to a fucking courtroom judge, can you?  So if you know me that well, then which was it that I was married to John Silver, two years or was it four years?  Cuz one is, well shit, So – Many – College – Degrees – I – Actually – Never – Had Herry, you’re the mathematician, one is fucking twice as long as the other one, now isn’t it?!  I mean one is 100 fucking percent more than the other one!  So.  Which was it?  Two years?  Or, four years?  And what were you reeeeally stating here, Herry?  Implying just exactly – er well, not very exactly at all really – what, Herry?  What?!  That I’m a bad risk in the wifery category?  Is that really what, Herry?  Since that so is about what you were writing, then where –– also –– is the information to Judge Sol Wacotler Seizor about your busted engagement to Theresa, the one she broke off with you that landed your smashed ego inside Ms. Rebound Edwina’s bed in Cleveland for a few years whilst simultaneously dodging Bass County, Iowa’s draft board ticket to Viet Nam by teaching junior high school in an inner city instead of being soooo draftable were  you to’ve taught in just an ordinary school, one, say, anywhere in Iowa?!  Where’s the whole scoop on   Ms. Theresa, Herry?  Hell, I worked alongside her as an ISU sophomore, same engineering department;   we were hourly workstudies together.  And, furthermore, you knew that I knew her because she and I’d met as student workers there, and I told you this!  So, Herry, she must’ve seen in you a bad husbanding risk, huh, to cleave it off with you and your upcoming nuptials back in the late 1960s?!  But where’s that written and sworn to, too, especially the part about how you wouldn’t ever consider marrying Edwina, no way, no how, never, never, never !!! –– cuz she was, well, what Herry?  Cuz she was what, Racist Herry?!  Cuz she was your great black fuck, wasn’t she, O Pillared One … O Doctor Edinsmaier?  And you told me you wouldn’t even take her home to meet your parents, would you?  Which, of course, you never fucking did do, not even that one christmas eve when Edwina so wanted to come back to Iowa with you and meet all   of your family, you told me.  Not even the fuck then would you bring her back to your kin, O Good and Wonderful Doctor!  Judge Seizor never knew any of this about you though, did he?  daJudge never knew that you’re a sexist and racist, homophobic, whore – mongering pig risk? as a spouse?  in the husbanding category?  Did he?!” … As if it’d’ve mattered to him anyhow … if he had known!  NOT!

Defend, defend, defend –– to which I am forced. 

Or, as icky are Herry’s sugary and honey statements about himself, especially about his fatherly fathering functioning.  Those pieces are so funny to me now.  Then, though, when I read them through the first several times, I was made simply livid by them:  the obvious blatancy at the puffed – up, hyped – up chestiness of himself –– of himself as “accountable Daddy”– to Judge Sol Wacotler Seizor. 

Lumping these into Herry’s quoted phrases, his lies about me of Section B, “Marital History,” are
i)               “suffered from severe reactive depression disorder,”
ii)              “the reason we got married,”
iii)            “she dealt with small animals,” 
iv)             “her hours were from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.,”
v)              “so she could nurse them,”
vi)             “Legion then felt the job too stressful, so she quit and began to babysit our children,”
vii)           “my salary as a resident was not enough for us to make financial ends meet, so Legion became employed,”
viii)          “She worked the night round from noon until 10:00 p.m.”,
ix)             “We were forced to employ many different babysitters,”
x)              “In 1982, Legion expressed a desire to become a teaching member … so she enrolled in the University of Missouri,”
xi)             “In June, 1986, Legion graduated,”
xii)           “Because I wanted her to pursue her career, I turned down various jobs and opportunities,”
xiii)          “In 1987, Legion lost her job,”
xiv)          “Legion has remained unemployed since we left Manhattan,”
xv)            “I have made a commitment to my wife that we would stay in Ames and the children would graduate from high school in Ames,”
xvi)          “since my wife Legion is unemployed.” 

Sixteen – regarding me alone!  Supposedly detailing the history of his wedded union Herry’s Section B is – but – almost all about me.  And about me … negatively!  Elaboration on just a few. 

How does one nurse an already weaned child?  Zane had already been weaned!  He and Jesse did go to childcare providers but separate ones; that was one of the reasons I left the house’s door at 7:00 in the morning with two babies to go to a job that didn’t begin formally until 8 in a town only 13 miles away:     so that I could drop off a 2½ – year – old at one place with all that Zane needed and a ½ – year – old at a caretaker of infants, someone different, with all that Baby Jesse needed.  “And You, Herry?!  You friggin’ slept in!  You, O Slacker and Entitled Sperm Donor, you slept in! Then on those same soooo cold, weekday mornings wherein I had dealt with the two babies’ labors, you bundled up only yourself and left the house to go mind – rape vaginal exam models in OB / GYN laboratory!  How hard a daily working parenting routine that must’ve been, huh, Daddee Herry?!”  And – and … I was on call every single day and every single night for six months straight; there was no one else to take call on both large and small animals, not just small animals!  “So, Herry, which of us two arranged for regular childcare?  Which of us arranged for childcare on an emergent basis?  Which of us arranged for childcare – at all?!?!  Is this where you’re again going to project onto yourself that which, really now Self – Centered Herry, that which we truly both know I – and only I – ever, ever did –– since the fucking first time Zane ever needed a sitter?! 

And about the ‘too stressful’ part and that I was a ‘babysitter’ for our own children?  “What the fuck is that, Parent Herry – Daddee?!  I fucking fell down on the cement floor.  Collapsed.  Flattened my exploding breasts right there in front of Miss Evelyn who was in to see me with a half a dozen of her 42 cats!  She’s the one who fucking telephoned the UI Med School Dean’s office to ask them to go find you in class somewhere and have you come collect the dropped corpse on the concrete that was … me.  She’s the one who stayed with me until you got there.  Completely pissed off you were too, ‘member that?  You drove the fucking 13 miles in dead silence.  You didn’t even ask me what I thought could be wrong?  Ya’ know, like say …  exhaustion!  Cuz you didn’t the fuck care what was wrong with me, did you, Husband Herry?  And – and … you didn’t even go back to Solon to pick up Jesse or Zane from their respective care providers after you’d dropped me off at the trailer!  You literal … Mother – Fucker.  Straight up.”

And as regards our financial ends meeting, did Herry write daJudge about the fact that from $10 per salaried veterinarian hour, I would after taxes, gasoline and childcare costs for three children under five years of age ... I would … I would, winter – and holiday – time 1980, with Mirzah then just 13 months old, Jesse not even 27 months old and Zane himself a mere four years and two months old, I would only clear $2.75 per hour?! ! !

“I literally begged you, didn’t I, Herry?  Over and over I begged you to borrow for us the money to live on, to borrow from your wealthy, soooo wealthy some of them, older brothers and sisters, from at least one or two or so of the four truly wealthy ones of your ten other siblings, didn’t I, Herry, when we were in Hershey?!  Mirzah was only a year old, Jesse 2 and Zane 4.  And the one word that I got back from you ––     the only one I got back from you –– about our borrowing from any one of these, your four siblings, was what, Herry?!  You remember.  ‘Cept you soooo conveniently forgot to tell Judge Sol Wacotler Seizor this.  That word, for my leaving my babies when I so did not want to but you forced me to instead of our temporarily borrowing from your family –– to clear a measly $2.fucking 75 an hour –– was what Daddee Herry?  


You said that $2.75 an hour was enough to keep us “solvent,” didn’t you, You Mother – Fucker?!  All    just to save your fucking face in front of your family.  No matter what my little, little Boys and I wanted.  No fucking small, small matter … that!” 

This ‘we employ’ thing?  I, it was I, wasn’t it Herry, who did absolutely all of the arranging for childcare?  Never the fuck was it ever you!”  Never the fuck any sort of ‘we’ about ANY part of the 26 in – home childcare provider – hires and six daycare facilities over 11 years’ worth, was there now … was there a ‘we’ to doing any of that childcare arranging!  Truthfully, Herry?!  Was there?! 

And the expression of desire to go to Missouri?  This is juuuust choice this particular lie so is!  Herry brought this up, and he fucking brought it up first!  “Big reason why, too, isn’t there, Herry?  Why you so desperately wanted to leave Pennsylvania and move to Missouri, isn’t there? –– Right there in the very middle of your medical residency program?!?  When hardly any such level of resident ever, ever does that?!?  Anywhere?!?  There is a biiiig, big reason why you wanted that, isn’t there, Slacker Herry?  But how come, Herry, how come you did not tell Judge Seizor how it was that Dr. Shark – your supervisor –   at Hershey had repeatedly turned you in to the Pathology Department administration on pink slip warnings?!  For FUCKING UP AS A MEDICAL DOCTOR! ! !  Cuz of YOUR FUCKING POOR, POOR SLACKER WORK HABITS.  Cuz of your fuck – off work habits and procrastinations every single day and not having your work done and god knows what the fuck else!  Like your trouble with taking orders from other men, your passive aggression, your narcissism and maybe they all knew about one – fucking – too – many of your hospital coffee shop tête à têtes with all of your twatly lab techs!  Didn’t they all?  Didn’t Supervisor Shark?!  He knew you to be an utter medical staffer fuckup, didn’t he?!”

“All of those hours and hours and hours you frittered away.  Squandered, You Fucking Selfish Slacker, so we soooo just ‘had to have a lot of babysitters?’  Fuck that, Herry.  You needed a lot of babysitters, both literally for your sons cuz you so were not there for them.  And, figuratively.  Cuz Dr. Shark and the other bosses couldn’t get you to willingly and cheerfully accept their authority over you and get their assignments to you fucking done correctly and in a timely manner!  Now that is the fucking Truth, and you didn’t think I knew and Judge Seizor sure’s hell didn’t either, did he?!  That it was you who wanted to leave Hershey because you couldn’t get along, and they were about to fucking fire you right there in the fucking middle of your residency, something pretty much unheard of, huh?!  That is why we left Hershey for Missouri –– instead of just my taking graduate classes there!  True that is.  O so head bangingly true it is.  Straight up.” 

And this?  O, this could so easily have been tangibly proved to a judge, too.  Pink fucking slips evidentiarily scripted down regarding Dr. Herod Edinsmaier all over the pink fucking Hershey Medical Center personnel records’ landscape.  But, no –– never any such tangible proof did any judge see.  Or, as a matter of lamentable fact, did any judge care to see. 

I graduate not in June 1986!  “In June 1986?  In June 1986, Lying Herry, I am getting up at 4 am on every single Friday morning to drive four hours from Manhattan over to Columbia to sleep on cushions on my grad student office floor and then drive home Monday nights in June 1986, to be back to attend children before beginning my first assistant professorship which did not start until July 1986.  So no, Herry,              I marched and was hooded on 01 August 1986, after two grueling summer months to finish totally and completely in four fucking years flat – absolutely fricking all there was to an entire PhD dissertation and degree program in Veterinary Microbiology which you cannot even fucking spell correctly – something most persons, female or male, with three babies under five years of age have no idea of even starting, let alone, aren’t capable of finishing.  But I did.  I did that, Herry, didn’t I?  In four fucking years flat I did it all!  And, no … no, no, no.  No, soooo nooooo, thanks for any of it to you.  You, if you did anything at all, Herry, you so hindered me.  You so fucked with me, didn’t you?” 

“Two more I’ll make the effort of which to explain the Truths.  If I can get over laughing so hysterically here.  And those are the bloody ludicrous and mucked – up statements you, Daddee Herry, ... that you made about being ‘unemployed’ when a mama – when a mama anywhere – has three little kids.  That one?!  That one just fucking stands alone, so stupid and loud it is, doesn’t it, Jury?  Soooo stupid!  Soooo patriarchally stupid!”

And about Herry’s commitment to me and to the Truemaier Boys about us all staying in Ames for them to graduate high school?!  I guess really the only explanation necessary here is this one:  this is the mother – fucking first time I’ve ever heard of such a commitment of Herry’s!  In this affidavit, that is!  In other words, Herry, there never was such an avowal of yours for true, was there?!  Never before this affidavit!  You fucking made that one up!  Just to snow daJudge!  Gosh, on that one, too, I just cannot stop laughing.  Except for this reason.  That here?  With this particular lie of yours, Herry?  How could there be such hard – and – fast proof to a judge that there ever really was or there wasn’t such a promise made at all?  It was never written down so, Yeah Jury, it’s one example of the thousands and thousands and thousands all over Acts One, Two and Three of a family civil court phenomenon known as ‘he – said / she – said’.  We shall so read and hear many, many more of these thousands!”  

The lies of Section B about Herry’s involvement as a father with his children are hilariously ridiculous, too.  And, every fucked mother today 14 years out from these of Herry’s, tells me she reads in her “sworn” divorce and custody documents so such the very same ones.  And they get away with them.  Nearly all fathers do today, too.  Fathers, any kind of them, are back to wresting total custody away – that is, they are back to the taking of their perceived “ownership,” their self – directed, self – centered aprovechar – their taking away from biological and other mothers at a rate unparalleled for 75 – some odd years.  But not since before about 1920, or 1930, though.  Except for the last seven decades or so.  In other words, at a rate just the very precise same as that for the last 12 millennia.  Lies like Herry’s, besides the maleness – like – the – pillared – judge thing, are why, too.  
i)                   “Zena” instead of Zane throughout the entire affidavit, not just Section B.  For every instance where Zane is named in Herry’s sworn affidavit, Zane’s alleged “father” doesn’t get my firstborn’s first name correct ever.  Ever.  What does that say?  I mean, what the fuck does that scream?!   
ii)                 “Jesse, born December 15, 1978,”
iii)                “From 1974 through 1978, we jointed shared in all child care responsibilities with the exception of bathing and breastfeeding.  I cooked, cleaned, did laundry, and changed diapers. … the time demands required we equally share the child caring responsibilities,”
iv)                “During the 1978-79 school year, I commuted back from Iowa City to Ames every weekend,”
v)                  regarding Hershey, “we needed a babysitter,”
vi)                “because Legion was working nights, I would get up in the morning to care for the children and attend to their morning needs,”
vii)               “However, at night I cared for the children.  At this stage of the boys’ lives, toilet training became important.  Because my wife Legion is deaf in her left ear, when the children would get up in the middle of the night, as they often did, they would come and wake me up and I would tend to their toilet and other nightly needs,” 
viii)             “I became quite involved in taking care of the children during this period of time,”
ix)                “I played a primary role in deciding the choice of school, and the age in which the children would enter school,”
x)                  “I continue to hold their education part of their wellbeing and my main concern in life,”
xi)                “I have done everything I could to help [Zena] accomplish that [art] skill,”
xii)               “On Mondays, Fridays, and on the weekends, however, I helped to those things.  We employed no babysitters on those days I was home,”
xiii)             “I still helped with all child rearing responsibilities,”
xiv)              “I consider the children to be my primary responsibility regardless of how tired I may be ...  But my first commitment is to my kids … I made a commitment to my children that we would stay in Ames and the children would graduate from highschool in Ames.” 

How many are these?  Fourteen?  Just in The Lie Department alone to daJudge, I – I, Legion True ... that’s Doctor Legion True, – I rate more lies about me from Herry than do even all three kids!  Well, that –– that right there must be something upon which to brag, not?! 

But about them, those lies about the kids?  Jesse?  Born 15 December?  “Shit, Herry, that means you up and fucked this mother that I so am right after, well, … probably in the goddamn hospital delivery room, doesn’t it?!  Like the vag exam models you were mind – raping back in med school?  Why do I say that?  Why?  Well, do the frickin’ math, So – Many – Degreed Herry.  How in the hell, if you didn’t fuck me right there and then after I’d immediately just bulldozed Jesse out, then how in the hell did I go on to grow, also propel out and begin lactating Mirzah in just nine months and two weeks later!?!” 

“JYeah, I know you knew I, twice, twice in just that nearly identical four – year length of time, I Legion was gestating and lactating at the very same goddamn time – twice!  Pregnant with Jesse and nursing Zane, then pregnant with Mirzah but yet still nursing Jesse.  Hence, the reason for the exhaustion collapse onto the fucking Solon veterinary practice’s floor with Miss Evelyn, we come to find out the next day when I – alone, of course – visit my doctor, don’t we, Herry?  Don’t we?!  You, Husband Herry, who did absolutely fucking nothing as a spouse, let alone, as a scientist or as a physician about birth – controlling!  But, hey, even for me, being fucked and impregnated right there on the delivery room table in order to shell out Mirzah in just another nine months flat, ... even for me!, that’s damn near mighty fuckin’ miraculous, Mormony Catholic Herry! ! !” 

“So Jesse wasn’t born on 15 December, was he, Herry, but exactly four months earlier than that, wasn’t he, Herry –  that is, on 15 August instead!?  What another hoot!  The so – called “father” of child #2 – and a man of medicine at that – can’t even get Jesse’s fucking birthday, ah, er … that’s Jesse’s birthing day … correct!  Yet I’m the one who went into that courtroom the first and every time after Act One thinking … believing … that this sort of thing would matter to Judge Sol Wacotler Seizor – about who was primary in our lives and for whom were we each primary –– when … it, so very clearly, never did matter!  In just telling this – it becomes even more so when considering all of your lies of how responsible and of how accountable you swear that you were, Herry?  Getting up in the goddamn nighttime with the Boys, getting up in the morning with the Boys and having them ready for the goddamn day.  These?  These lies projecting onto yourself that which I am responsible, truly responsible for, fucking diss me the most – because, god knows and so does every other mother whether single, staying married or becoming single again, that the Boys and I soooo could have used that accountability from you.  Every one of us mothers can, but this daJudge already knows before you even lie to him.  His ‘Honor’, daJudge, has lied to himself about how it is that his ex – wife only ‘babysat’ his four daughters like you, too, called my mothering –– my parenting –– of the very own babies whom I alone … grew! … ‘babysitting,’ Herry.  daJudge tells himself, too, just how splendid and just how fantastic a housekeeper and a mighty fine childcare provider he, too, was.  So when you say you are, you did, you made, you got up, you coached, you drove, you cleaned, you cooked, you encouraged art and mechanics –– you soooo sacrificed your own wants and desires because you gave the Boys your very all –– ?  Why, … you are soooo, so fucking good at it and that you, most importantly here, will now quite definitely keep that all up and that that’s why you should be given full physical care custody, why, fuck Herry, you’re home free with  … with ‘His Honor’:  the goddamn lying – to – his – own – self Mr. Also – Pillared Judge Man!” 

“But, hey Herry, you better here not lie toooo goddamn well.  Or, you just might!  You can, for chris’sake!  You can end up having physical care custody of all three of my Truemaier Boys and then you really, really having to do it all alone like I, in Truth, did do!  Ha! Herry!  You better watch it here with this sugar and honey slop of yours to daJudge!  And lastly, Herry, regarding that I – am – so – accountable – to – my – kids lie #iv), the one where you were supposedly commuting back and forth every weekend the year of 1978 to 1979?  What a grueling toll on you that must’ve been:  why, boo – hoo, boo – fucking – hoo, poor you, poor you … Huh?  And so, too, would daJudge so surely think it hard and soooo parentingly committed of you to’ve done, not?  Well, really though, Herry, what about that?  Is that – any of it – True?!  I mean I finished and graduated from veterinary medical school on a Saturday morning in the middle of May 1978, Jesse well long into my belly some six months already with Baby Zane in tow, and began working –— I did –––at the Solon, Iowa, practice the very next Monday morning because we were all, by then, moved and living in that coral – colored trailer on the edge of Iowa City!  Soooo:  why whatever for then, Herry, were you –– as you swear that you were –– driving every mother – fucking weekend back and forth to Ames from 1978 to 1979!?  Weeeell, that just didn’t quite happen that way, did it?  Not for even ooooone weekend did you ‘sacrifice’!  Not even at all!!”

“Section C is the funniest, though.  Truly.  The Boys are not mentioned so I feel very little sorrow with regard to C and read there, Truly, only the sick humor of Herry’s!  The 51 words about how he drank booze, beer alone it was, Jury, but saw the Light!  And sought the Light!  JYeah, riiiight, Herry, since 1977, you spent all of those years in self – improvement, did you?!?  Noooot!!!  Not since 1977, did you get fucking help from anyone, least of all from alcoholics anonymous or even maintain a membership there!  What a load of crockshit, Herry!”  This would’ve, too, been so easily tangibly proved –– had Judge Seizor simply ordered it to be so tangibly proved –– which, of course, … he soooo did not. 

And C’s entire second paragraph, all only about Dr. Legion True and my long and deep sufferings of bookoo disorders within disorders!  That is so funny.  I never even knew till rereading this now as I typed it that I suffered codependency from Husband #1 John’s problems with drugs!  John smoked pot now and then:  let’s see, back this would’ve been before, during and just after Woodstock to which we hitchhiked together in mid August of 1969, and he did a couple of hits of LSD after that I think and, hhmmm, what else?  Nothing.  Nothing of which I ever knew!  Perhaps he had done more, but I didn’t know of it.  ‘Problems with drugs’ I did not know John to have had; he smoked marijuana but not even that regularly and functioned in his day job as a New York City travel trade magazine writer just fine.  And liked it!      No problems of which I ever knew.  Let alone, of which … I ever told Herry!  “Now?  Now I am having to defend, defend, defend … for a person – John – whom Herod Edinsmaier hasn’t even met!  Never even one time – yet Herry soooo knows, doesn’t he, Your ‘Honor’, … and is, carte blanche, permitted by you to disparage even John!”

“And not only is there no Regional Substance Abuse Center, but I was the ‘fall of 1987’, Herry, fucking coaching Mirzah’s soccer team, the one for which you so flamboyantly volunteered to be the coach, wasn’t I?!  But you only showed up twice! Two times only!  And then with no funky soccer mamas to scope out, suddenly you couldn’t, by its season’s very third practice, … you, Dr. Herod Edinsmaier, you just couldn’t seem to get away to coach anymore at all! … so that I went on to do all of your sessions that entire autumn.  I never had any time for therapy:  I was working!  As a parent!  As … the primary parent!”

“And ‘the violent temper’ pronouncement?  Here was more projection onto me, Jury, and, this time, all of the blame, too!  Let’s recap here for real, Herry.  The Truth.  On this thing, Herry, deal.  Deal with it.  Straight up.  Literally dead serious.” 

“I am not the one here, Herry, who goes ballistic at the mere mention in your earshot vicinity of the two words, ‘gay guy’, am I?  Not only am I the veterinarian and you the pathologist, I the caretaker and healer of living creatures not even able to tell me what feels wrong with them and you the dead – carver and tissue – splitter who doesn’t even have to try to relate to his ‘patients’ –– literally –– at all; but it was you, Doctor – “Healer” Herod Edinsmaier, you, Herry, who actually handed that mother at the Columbia morgue door her very own dead three – year – old child, naked, without so much as a crib sheet covering its lifeless corpse.  That was you, too, Dr. Edinsmaier, you who right out loud mocked and chortled, you who snorted and sneered and sniggered at me every single time I spoke to you or anyone else within your range of hearing about … the mother – child bond.  At that ––  at the bond between child and mother –– you Herry, you actually fucking laughed.  Every single time.  Must be why, Herry, you could actually threaten both Zane and me with Zane’s death, couldn’t you?  Besides the violence of your woman – hating pornography that you consumed with my little ones, you actually threatened to kill my child, too, didn’t you, Herry?  And just the very year before!  So I am not talking about the cold, late November when Robyn and Robin, thank goodness, were home when I so needed them, am I, cuz that happened in Columbia in the presence of all three of my even littler sons then, didn’t it?  When you physically hoisted me up onto your shoulder and flung me over your back like a bag of feed or a sack of some much shittin’ waste.  And threw me out of my home.  My own home.  You, “The Good Doctor,” did that, and then you up and locked me clean out of it.  For two days and two cold, November nights.  Away from my home and away from my babies.  And I had to ask my friends, Robyn and Robin, for a temporary place to crash!  No, Herry, I’m not talking about your earlier years of brutality, tyranny and terrorism; I’m talking about Othello Drive right here in Ames –– inside it and behind it.  How come ya’ left this one out of your affidavit to daJudge Man, Herry?  It’s not like a year later when writing and submitting this affidavit to ‘The Court,’ ya’ couldn’t’ve remembered having perped it,    is it?!  You threatened to hurl Zane into the swollen and raging and so freezing Squaw Creek behind our home in the damned Brookside Forest that last spring of 1988.  With Jesse who was 9 and Mirzah just 8 huddled and gaping on together back up on the deck, Herry.  So afraid they were that you were coming back up there for the two of them next.  So was I!  You were going to throw them in, too, weren’t you?    Or threaten to.  And we all knew it.  It was just a matter of your coming back up there to the deck for them, too.  I am down on my mother – fucking knees clinging to Zane’s legs … begging and begging and begging You, the Good and Wonderful Doctor, not to kill him.  This, followed it was by your ever, ever famous snide smirkface squint of … ‘Gotcha, Bitch!’, this death threat of killing my childafter Zane, just age 11, had jumped up onto your back trying his damnedest to get you, Daddy Dearest, offof me!  You had me, Dear Doctor Sperm Donor of my children, pinned down – your knee crushing my breastbone – to the master bed with your raised and clenched fist threatening my left periorbital bone, eye, forehead and cheek, hadn’t you?!  You whirled up and around, swept up Zane and ran with him, him now pinned into your clutch to the riverbank with me rushing and begging behind and Jesse and Mirzah staring on aghast and so full of fear.  You did that, Herry.  You and you alone.  Just the year before this very affidavit!  Your children come first, do they?  At all times even?  So accountable are you with their responsibilities, are you?  Just right on top of it at all times?  Riiiiiight, Dr. Edinsmaier, I’ll say you are.  You just keep on telling daJudge that fuck.  You know he never checks for sure, does he?  You know that.  For certain you do, doncha’?” 

These pillared male judges about whom Dr. Herod Edinsmaier soooo, so looks quite like?  Why, they’ll never, never, ever check out Liar Herry’s stories for how real, for how True – or not – they are, will they?!  “You so, so know this one wee fact, don’t you?!  They will not.  So it ends up, doesn’t it, O Great Fathering One … that cuz of who you actually resemble in maleness and in pillaredness, … … that it is soooo, soooo easy to lie to and to deceive anyone inside an American civil court of ‘law’ and get clean, slick away with it, isn’t it?!  You literal Mother – Fucker!”

“So much for short, short section C.  On to D.  Its lies.  i) ‘in 1985, she gathered the children around and told them they would never see me again until they were 16.  This caused two of our children to run away from home for a short period of time.’  Truth?  Truth is, isn’t it, Herry:  Zane ran away because I gathered him around and told him he couldn’t go off fishing by himself at Robyn and Robin’s that afternoon!  And that I wasn’t able to take him out fishing to Finger Lakes State Park either.  And when – in his running away – he got as far away as the busy, eight – lane intersection about four blocks from our duplex, he paused for several minutes, then even angrier because there was no way he could get across it, Zane turned around and trudged back on home.  And how do I know any of this, Herry?  How?  Isn’t it because Jesse and I told you what he and I were really doing while all of this was happening to Zane?  The two of us, Jesse and I, had gathered ourselves, hadn’t we Herry, into the Shitbox Dodge and were following Zane out of his view, Jesse beside me on the front seat, and both of us saw this entire display, didn’t we?!  Then we also told you that both of us witnessed from a side street where we were parked something else most disconcerting:  that when a Columbia cop drove right by Zane in that July heat and saw him all covered up there on the corner in his heavy winter parka packing a fishing pole and a bunch of other gear but with no winter and no frozen – over pond anywhere within that hot summer’s sight, that cop still didn’t do a thing.  He didn’t even pull over and stop to talk to Zane and ask him what was up.  We told you all of this when you got home!  It was 1985 all right so Zane, being all of 9 years of age, looked only that old to anyone.  Especially, we thought, to a lawman.  Jesse, only 7, even remarked on it:  that how could a policeman drive on by a little kid dressed like that and packing belongings and obviously looking like he was trying to cross a busy, busy highway and not even notice?!  Now that is what really happened!  That’s what the Truth is, isn’t it, Herry?!  And, furthermore, it was I and Jesse who were keeping guard over Zane.  It was never, never, never you, Daddee – Herry, who was safekeeping Zane – ever!” 

And as regards lie #ii) the minimal access?  “Why, Herry, you know why that really happened, you pornography perv!!!  It is easier to lie to and to deceive in an American court of civil law, isn’t it?  I gave them over to your mother – fucking, perverted ‘fatherly care’ up till early January 1989, every single friggin’ weekend for over 48 hours and then, well, you would not stop with your true addiction.  You wouldn’t even try.  You wouldn’t even try to stop – or go to get help to try to cease with it.  Fuck, you won’t even acknowledge it to this day – let alone, the crimes of providing pornography to minor children, O Pillared Daddee!  So, hell, was I to endanger the Boys longer than that?!  I think not!!!”

Little did I know then what Rachel has since so succinctly stated, “And don’t you forget it, Legion:  there jus’ ain’t no judge who doesn’t surf porn himself!”  Rachel is, well, right on the very mark, isn’t she?  “And not only the judges, is it Herry?  It was Mr. Jazzy Jinx himself, my attorney, whose den, like yours Herry, also contained Playboy for his – and for who else’s, for all we know – for his casual off hours’ perusal.  It was Mr. Jazzy Jinx who, himself physically manhandling me, rammed me –— his very own client, for chris’sake! –— upside the inside of his slammed office door and bellowed at me, ‘Shut up, Legion!  Now you just shut up ‘bout this sex addiction stuff!  You’re so exasperating, Legion!  You have to shut up about this, you hear me!  Cuz, cuz, a … ah … ah … a lotta nice people read Playboy, Legion.  An’ ah, ah, it isn’t gonna play well.  In court I mean.  You can’t be saying this stuff in court, I’m tellin’ ya!  It just won’t play there at all!  Believe me!’  Even though it was The Fucking Truth, it wouldn’t play well there in court Jinx had just fucking admitted, Herry.  Soooo, how would I know about his own goddamn den, do ya’ suppose, Herry?  S’pose someone else who knows pornography’s pernicious deadliness told me about it when she happened to be there in it – Jinx’s den – when at his own home visiting?  S’pose someone – other than I! – thinks pornography in the hands of little children is a … well, what, Herry?  What would that be, Herry, d’ya’s’pose?!  Try the word ‘crime’!  We think it’s a mother – fucking crime, Herry, don’t we, Realtor Madonna and I do?!  As regards ‘the safety and wellbeing of children and moral climate’ of section fucking D, Herry?” 

Pornography, any form of it, in the hands of, let alone in the subscribed – to name of, minor children are the crimes of child endangerment and child abuse.  That is what it really is.  “But daJudge, even my own lawyer besides yours, Herry, and of course, you yourself, Daddy Herry Dearest?  Were you all going to point all of your fingers back at yourselves ever?  More accurately, were they each ever going to stop this woman – loathing act?  O, let’s just fucking summon up the First Amendment here.  The one no woman ever had a hand or voice in constructing, that First Amendment.  And the one that, when constructed, was never done so by those men with the intent by any of them that it would also work for the Not Males, the DEhumans, the females.  Just summon it up.  And, ‘Move the hell on,’ Jinx was so loud, so angry and soooo hands – on that afternoon.   One thing more I can now say with the staunchest of strength, conviction and will, ‘Herry, just whoooooa!  You just back the fuck up here.  Nooooo invoking the First Amendment with me you don’t, not any bloody damn more, you don’t!  No fucking First Amendment on this with me, Herry Daddee.  Not with me.  How dare you entitle this section D anything –– anything at all –– about the so – called, alleged safety or wellbeing or moral climate for kids.  The very kids who were sperm DNA – spawned by you.  How mother – fucking dare you, Herod Edinsmaier, You Child – Molesting Criminal!’”