29 November 2008

Blue of Central Iowa

freethought bluemAAs December blue mAAs historical bluemAAs@yahoo.com October bluemAAs@iastate.edu http://www.wedemeyers.net yellow http://www.wedemeyers.net/photos/v/wedenwood-garden/planting_trees_2008_11 May central Iowa sunshine history silence white egalitarianism law cats tart cherries 1979 28 Scrabble 22 opera 1978 15 soccer baseball 1976 24 dancing sweat lodge legal cows walking hats Legion True generosity sisters sister September silver brothers brother August nature Abraham Zebulon Micah Wedemeyer Jacob Jake Wedemeyer winter solstice justice justice justice: Dr. Edinsmaier (ie, "re: i am snidE") """received his bachelor’s degree in math and physics from Iowa State University in 1968.""" O! O! O! O! soooo NOOOOT! ... what ludicrous, self - aggrandizing ... fiction! not surprisingly, such the falsehood ... an outright and soooo easily provable ... LIE! There is NO -- -- and there NEVER HAS BEEN ANY -- -- degree of any type whatsoever! in physics! ***heh heh heh!***