21 February 2015

for us who relish a porterhouse, know this

“Another Day at the Office:”  photograph of South Dakotan and Cattleman Scott Edmondson and Friends (Bovina and Deere) posted late February 2015, on fb by American Cattlemen, at where it is stated that missing – out – in – blizzard mama is just fine now --- first calf – downer heifer.  Downing happens all the time.  Eventually getting up after obturator nerve – birthing damage ?  NOT always so often are these mamas actually saved = can take, literally, weeks.  Neuropathy may occur with humans’ birthings as well.

19 February 2015

A Pogrom of Another Genus

This day, a Friday 55 years ago in 1960, Willard Albert William Maas and Annabelle Mae Holden Maas hosted and backed a certain, conducted event.  This matter was in preparation for Willard’s reenrolling as an Iowa State University undergraduate; Willard had had to drop out of ISU in 1939, after his contracting the poliomyelitis virus back at his age of 19 then.  He was to begin again with its Spring Quarter of 1960, this term commencing in March; and his going there to Ames then with their eldest of four children, 16 – year – old Sydra, only the two of them alone, to reside at its 840 Pammel Court.  Exactly similar metal / quonset housing units are here https://www.pinterest.com/pin/506655026805533841  and https://www.pinterest.com/pin/506655026805533809 –– with another one (some years later, of course) as well Zachary Adam’s actual very first home @ 697 Pammel Court commencing 22 hours after I, wholly uninsured, had birthed him [Tuesday, 24 August 1976] with the help of Jan Sterbenz and Dr Frank Sterbenz over in Nevada, Iowa’s Story County Hospital.  Absolutely ALL of these housing units are now long – demolished and – built over with other ISU structures. 

The rest of us of the family were to join Willard and Sydra then when Williamsburg, Iowa’s school year ended; we –– all six of us –– would move in 1960’s June to 1377 Hawthorn Court (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/506655026805534514) directly across from ISU’s horse pastures on the north end of the one entry from Hawthorn then to the undertrack tunnel leading walking commuters into ISU, soon to be Willard’s portal always over to its Heady Hall, Agricultural Economics.  Hawthorn Court, Unit #1401, became (some years later, of course) Zachary Adam’s second home, also in a Quite Cold – February with a fuel oil – truckers’ strike occurring for ISU’s Pammel Court residents and at when the temperature that moving day was a -10 F and his blue baby bathtub fell from the packed – to – its – hilt Chevrolet van to the ice below --- and shattered into elebenty gazillion pieces thereby thoroughly and altogether ending its existence.

The event orchestrated by an agricultural business for the Maas Clan that Friday, 19 February 1960?  That was known as the epic and notorious auctioning one of that era and, actually, even unto this y2015 age … … the Farm Sale.  I know it that specific day thereof … … to have been in the middle -20
Fahrenheit – range for its temperature, it likely The Coldest of all of those 1959 – 1960 Iowa wintertime days.

The sale itself ?  Even with vendored comestibles including hot chocolate and even hotter, soooo sugared and true cows’ creamed (barn – style latt├ęs ! then) coffee available for purchase ?  
It was an entire and utter ... ... bust.

As witnessed silently by me, then a 12 – year – old schoolgirl – kiddo, within the ancient farmhouse’s enclosed front  porch with its turn – of – the – century classically industrial gray – painted plank – flooring.  Just him and me alone together with this particular and quiet vista of ours directly down to and upon the East Barn lot’s sale arena, I peered over at my 40 – year – old father surveilling it all from afar.  And thereupon was burnt a memory in to my brain which has never left it:  One tear tracked down my Daddy’s left cheek.

                                                       - fin -

12 February 2015

Darwin Day: Mama TRULY wins but the patriarchs canNOT "permit" this ... ...


Majority rules: restore FULL custody back to mama:
2 to 1 ( Iowa Court of Appeals justices Sackett and Huitink OVER Donielson ) = MAMA PREVAILS!  Dr. Maas WINS back full custody of HER three Boys: .J., .M. and .Z. !

                                          = TRUE THIS = Tuesday, 07 June 1994

Only when that Appeals’ Chief Don___, similarly pillared in the eyes of the Iowa community as the Good and Wonderful Dr. W considers himself to be so statured, … … only when Dastard Don___, because he daMan HAS the corrupting, aprovechar–taking and blindingly absolute power in his little “justice” – system keystrokes to do so, HOOKS IN TWO MORE ADDITIONAL BUT DIFFERENT judges --- patriarchs who had had NOTHING AT ALL to do w THIS appeal and had heard of it NO arguments whatsoever --- is vengeance – TAKING and Hypocrite .G. actually “legally” capable of causing THREE KIDDOS now by an androcentric “verdict” of 3 to 2 AGAINST mama --- TO BE LOST TO MAMA / causing their mother, the DEhuman, to be FOR ALL OF THEIR YOUTHS INVISIBLE, THEN NEVER EXISTENT TO ... ... HER THREE BOYS:  M, J, Z.

on Darwin Day, an UNevolved sperm donor

My closest friend in the World –– you, Jury, know of her from back within Chapter Five / Friends and from within Chapter Thirteen / Finishing School (her Listening College) for Fathers –– told me when she, Ms Grace Portia, read Hypocrite Herry’s chatty hooking blather exactly one month after it was published, “I guess Herod needs to profess what he’s done ‘to protect’ children.”

Friend Grace is referring to not only that one OUTRAGE of Patriarch Edinsmaier’s androcentric, asinine and criminal entitlement of himself near Chapter Twenty – Nine’s conclusion whereat he, an adult male modeling an allegedly accountable fathering role, literally leads Dr. Legion True’s two minor Boys, Jesse then just labeled with bipolar brain, and Mirzah, right into, onto and throughout another woman’s property, not only without her permission but also without the DEhuman even being present at her own residence, for his and the teenage Boys’ motherfucking, dissing – of – all – women’s and mocking purpose of home invasion, stealing and subsequently absconding with my (from AmTaham True’s) guns kept and stored there in Friend Linda’s basement –––– but Grace also refers in that one wee profundity of hers regarding King Herod and his ‘fatherly protection’ … … to absolutely all.all.all of The Opera: We Were Mothers Once, and Young, that is, to what Smug Thuggish, Elitist, Terrorist and Savage Herod Edinsmaier has unconstitutionally and criminally perpetrated upon me and upon my Three Boys within, and outside of, the states’ custody court system throughout all of the many decades’ worth of Hypocrite Herry’s comings and goings and thinkings and doings.

Within the scathing dissent of Appellate Judge Pansy Shawshank’s first page’s first half and immediately succeeding Legion’s second appeal (Act Three, Part Five of The Opera !) completely written, all of it printed off in to its mandated ! 21 total copies ! with Dr. True’s never missing in the appeal’s unfolding sequence even one correct document’s file – stamping nor even one deadline therefor and orally argued by herself –– ! pro se ! –– before the three – judge panel of Tuesday, 07 June 1994’s Iowa Court of Appeals, Judge Shawshank states thus: “LOOKING AT THE RECORD BEFORE US IN THIS APPEAL,


Ms Pansy here, of course, writes of the “verdict,” the decisioning about children’s parenting and their well - being by three men of the State, only one of whom had heard Legion True’s second appeal. Yes, you, Jury, guessed him: Allen Donnellson. Donnellson, the dirty dude who had perped That Very B I I I I G, Big Mistake from The Opera’s First Appeal (Act Two Part Three) wherein all three of those men had unconstitutionally decided that Hypocrite Herry actually be the Truemaier Boys’ custodial, read that, ‘protecting’ … … daddee.

Know this especially though, Jury: that of those three appellate judges’ verdict after Legion True’s second appeal? TWO of those three, Judge Pansy Shawshank and the quite newly appointed Judge Barry L. Crowrook, rule in favor of restoring full custody back to Dr. True. 2 to 1 the Truemaier Boys’ mama prevails!

Dr. Legion True WINS back full custody of her three Truemaier Boys: Jesse, Mirzah and Zane !

Only when that Court of Appeals’ Chief Donnellson, similarly pillared in the eyes of the Iowa community as the Good and Wonderful Dr. Edinsmaier considers himself to be so statured, … … only when Dastard Donnellson, because he as daMan possesses the corrupting, aprovechar – taking and blindingly absolute power in his little “justice” – system keystrokes to do so, invokes and hooks in to this second appellate decisioning two more additional but different judges, also patriarchs and who previously had had nothing at all to do with the True appeal and who had heard of it no arguments whatsoever and because, primarily, To The Cuntly DEhuman, Dr. Legion True, There Is No Mother – Fucking Way, Ever, That Judge Donnellson of the First Appeal Is Going To Admit Having Committed Such a Carnage – Wrecking Mistake as His Declaring Herod Edinsmaier Any Kind of An Actual Father, … … is Vengeance – Taking and Hypocrite Herry through years and years’ worth of his trying to hoodwink and hook You, the Operatic Audience – Jury, in ––– actually “legally” capable of causing the children who are the three Truemaier Boys and all of their lives ––– now by an androcentric “verdict” of 3 to 2 against Legion True ––– to be lost to the mother and causing their mother, the DEhuman, to be for all of their youths invisible, then never existent to Mirzah, Zane and Jesse.

Daddee Herry Edinsmaier’s Gutting – of – the – Bitch Butchery, Jury.

The bones of this Displaced Wartime Refugee’s True Father who is Righteous Ancestor AmTaham … … rest.

But only because, now, they are of osseous ash and carbonaceous dust.

Not because, Jury, of any justice at any time anywhere done to or for this matter, My Case: The Opera, of the True Father’s Child: the Ancestor – in – Training and, now, One Woman Well Put Together, Legion True.

True it is. O, so head – bangingly true it is ! “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” --- Patrick Swayze portraying the film role of Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing, 1987

                                                             - fin -

05 January 2015

how to word - whip a mama and her babe

True it was.  O, so true it was:  when I was 32 and myself already a seasoned labor, delivery, postpartum, postsurgical and emergency room nurse from having worked, nearly solo, at three small and very rural hospitals and who had furthered my formal education in to becoming as well a bona fide and practicing doctor of veterinary medicine, nothing –– at all –– quite frightened me more than when any one of my three wee sons became ill or sustained injuries.  From my belly’s growing them all into their first selves, then propelling each babe forth into society and on until the Boys were all gone from me, the worst –– by far, the very worst –– struck two of us on one quite late Thursday night in August 1980.

Returning home from my noon – to – 10:00pm office hours at Dr ____ ______’s ______ Animal Hospital eight miles off southwesterly in small – town _______, also then working there alone save for the clinic’s receptionist, my hand turned the knob of the unlocked front door to our ( Penn State ) University Manor apartment housing in Hershey.  I had always tried to be very quiet coming in at this hour so, easily, my one hearing ear right there just inside the foyer picked up a tell – tale sound.  I rushed right back to the Boys’ bedroom.  Things were bad.  There in his crib 11 – month – old Micah Abraham Zebulon, barely up on all fours, at 11:50pm –– at just minutes before midnight –– was struggling.

So as not to startle him nor wake up his two brothers, I whispered Micah’s name and touched his back.  Micah looked up but was panting so rapidly –– the nurse later told me 80 respirations per minute –– that he could not even acknowledge my presence, let alone, calm himself.  As swiftly as I could manage in the darkness, he was swaddled up inside layers of baby blankets; and I started –– with Micah cradled in my arms –– out the door walking.  The emergency room’s entrance at the University’s Hershey Medical Center was several housing units and one not – so – busy – now, two – way street’s distance away.  “He’s struggling to catch his breath; I think it’s croup,” I told the admitting agent at the Front.  “Please help.  He’s only 11 months old, at least, maybe over 22 pounds by now.  Please.  He needs oxygen.”

Within minutes, the night crew had Micah inside a tent of piped oxygen after initial whiffs from a blow – by mask.  He finally calmed although his respirations remained at a high but manageable rate for several more hours.  We put a warmed and dry sleeper onto Micah the sweating from his work at breathing had been so profuse.  And the rest of the night passed.  While fitful, Micah did sleep some.  Beside the plastic I vigiled. 

At 7:30am and from the pediatric ward’s pay telephone just outside Micah’s room in the hallway this frightening Friday morning, I phoned my boss and the clinic’s only owner, Dr ______.  “I need to take a day today for my littlest one; my baby was hospitalized because of croup, Dr ______, in the middle of this last night.  We’ve been here all night.  They’re going to keep him here, too.”

There was no answering me back; it actually sounded for one long, very long moment like the line was dead.  Then the sound I did register in to that right ear and up in to my brain stated thus to me, “Well.  I have no idea how we are to get along today then.  How are we gonna get done today what needs doin’ ?!”

I swallowed.  I continued.  “Micah is still not at all out of the woods yet, Dr ______.  May I switch weekends with Dr ______?”  Not only had Dr ______, a father with two daughters in elementary school, not even bothered himself to inquire of me about the life of my child; but that language is the exact manipulation of power over women in the y1980 workplace and, in the fright and morbidity of my so – sick baby, to what guilt – ridden and veiled threat for my job I had had to listen.
The next day –– only Micah’s second one then of hospitalization for a babe’s life – threatening illness –– would be the start of the weekend, of course.  The scheduled coverage over at the _______ Animal Hospital for this particular upcoming one?  I was to work its emergency call –– through until Monday  –– on which day, then, I would return to beginning my regular hours at noontime.  At the practice with a total of the three of us veterinarians affiliated with it there, Dr ______, Dr _______, also a father of two schoolchildren, and me with three kiddos all under five years of age, each one of us was required to take such call every third weekend.  In the short few months of my work there as an employed veterinarian, the same status as was Dr _______, I had noted the two of them switching around such weekends’ scheduled – call nearly a dozen times already, certainly eight or nine weekends’ worth, that is.  And this one?  This was my very first request of the boss for one to be changed and substituted in his scheduling.

Yes, Micah Abraham Zebulon did respiratorily improve and was able on continued liquid antibiotics to be discharged out of that ward and into my arms and off to home across the Manor way that August’s next Monday morning.  But after that previous and entirely sleepless Friday off clinic work and my ministering all of its 24 hours to a very, very sick Micah at his cribside?  Dr _______, the other daddy, refused to switch his next weekend’s call with me right then.  After my asking Dr _______, the boss refused to take mine as well.  Instead and because of its cruelty causing a burnt memory in my brain which has never left me, Dr Maas, a mama who did not want to be forced to do that which she did do, left on that Saturday morning the side of Micah’s oxygen tent and worked call that very particular weekend.  Instead and against my will, I took and carried out a total of 22 hours’ worth of emergencies.  To keep my job.  True it was.  O, so true it was: I sacrificed the precious time at the bedside of my so–ill kiddo just to keep my job. I feared that loss –– more it seems.

A couple of new years’ weeks later  –– on one of the seven days between the 25th of December and the 01st of January when home in the evenings from the laboratory, I opened in Columbia, Missouri, an envelope addressed to me from Dr ____ _ ______.  It was  –– the substance and depth of it  –– an accounting / an accountability for his behavior that August 1980 weekend and at other worktimes.  It was an apology to me.  I never saw Dr ______ again.  I never heard from him again.

04 January 2015

it bears repeating --- Big Waters

“ For many seasons, the men had given away more of the people’s hunting grounds, their fishing places, their settlement lands, while singing and drinking with the white ones, while making fools of themselves, dancing with broomsticks and with tin buckets on their heads.  At each session, Big Waters and the other women were expected to stand off along the wall, to wait to carry the goods, and to be quiet.  They had been silent so often that many children had died from hunger.  The next season, Big Waters simply stepped forward among the men at the long table at the fort and said, ‘ I would like to read that paper before these fools put their marks on it. ’

That was the end of her time among her people.
Though she’d saved her people from giving away another parcel of place, from agreeing to remain confined in a bare space with no animals or water, she’d insulted the men, her husband in particular, and he had declared her banished.
The next day, he had a new wife.  In the same way her mother had disappeared all those years before, Big Waters then walked into the tall grasses. 
Her children were directed to turn their backs to her as she left.  Her own children did this.
The one Big Waters had nursed until he could ride a horse.  The one she had tended to night and day for many months while he lay crying and recovering from burns suffered in foolish play, in dares of manhood made by one child to another.  Had he forgotten how she had held him in the cold river water day and night?  Or how she held her hand over his mouth so the other boys would not hear his crying and think him a coward?  Even her only girl, the one who was betrothed to a Spanish brute with a withered arm until Big Waters begged on her behalf to her father, saving her from the bad marriage, even she turned her back to Big Waters.  She from whom Big Waters later pulled the upside–down baby after three days of pain and delirium, saving both their lives, also turned her back.  She who had been stolen by the enemies for a slave and whose return Big Waters had negotiated by trading her own fine beadwork and tunics, she turned her back.  Even the two she had taken into her own heart as her own after their mother succumbed to disease.  The all turned their backs to her.  Never to call her mother again.
These were the events Big Waters could not speak of to anyone except the small baby in her arms, the one whose little ear was so near her lips.  She would be a good mother to Clement, and he would be an obedient son.
Big Waters introduced Clement to the finicky horse, left her by the girl who had birthed the twins.  The beast snorted at the baby’s scent.  The baby sneezed at the horse’s.  Big Waters let the animal sniff the child again, then laid Clement in the straw while she worked; but she didn’t take her eyes off that horse.  He showed her his teeth but didn’t try to bite her this time.  The warm, stewy air of the barn entered Clement’s lungs.  He breathed deeply in a way that swelled his chest, like a river about to overflow.  He slept soundly and snored.  When he woke, Big Waters mixed milk with molasses and sugar and let him suck.  She tried to make peace with the horse and offered it a bit of sugar too, but it snapped at her finger, and she kicked its leg.
This horse had a bad spirit.  Big Waters called him Hole–in–the–Day, after her husband.  But Hole–in–the–Day’s spirit wasn’t as bad as her husband’s. Whereas his breath had smelled of throat fire and bile, the horse’s smelled mealy and grassy, and only occasionally of stomach odor.  Even then, its breath worked magic on Clement.  While the boy slept beneath the horse’s nose, he grew and strengthened.  The vapor healed whatever ailed the baby. ”    
                 ----- pp 136 – 137, Stillwater by Mz Nicole Helget, y2014

22 December 2014

22 December 2014

22 December 1947 = me:  a Monday's Child then, too




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDHmmoJ_lOc = ! my main mountain man Mr Joe Cocker !

     mighty finest – ever air – piano piece, Bird on a Wire
                    … … with the lushest of (Leonard Cohen) lyrics … … done justice by
                    … … the Most Perfect of … … The Gravel – y / Raspy Voices !

     R I P, Lovely Joe !     --Blue

21 December 2014

Winter Solstice 2014: re a War and Torture UNrecognized

re a War and Torture UNrecognized:
      .three children's custody, somewhere in the A m e r i c a n Midwest, 1990 - 1997.

     " From a distance, he looked like a somebody.  Up close ? there idn't much there. "

     " You don't even know what the T R U T H is ! "
                         --- Keen HAWKINS' ( 'Keane' ) Big Eyes

"It should never have been authorized, and even still it should not have been carried out. 'Just following orders.' is not an acceptable defense.

People must be held accountable at all levels."
  --- Mirzah Truemaier, 14 December 2014

26 November 2014

! Haaaappy, Happy 75th Birthday, Mz Tina !

And many, many more TO you ! and yours !

Here is a compilation of Diva Tina performing her most STUNNING song EVER: 

                        .RIVER DEEP     MOUNTAIN HIGH.

L O V E L Y Mz TINA TURNER !  tinyurl.com/k9ox2sj

16 November 2014

birth control: just the information ABOUT it !

  1. Yea, Rah, Rah, Science ! logical / reasonable: 
    the Greatest Invention .over All of Time over All the World.: 
    chemical BIRTH CONTROL = the birth control .P.I.L.L.  !
  2. Arrested today 16 November 1916:  Ms Margaret Sanger for opening a birth control INFORMATION clinic.  Police came and shut it down.  Sanger was jailed all thanks to Your Man: Anthony Comstock of this nefarious infamy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx6aEfseDbg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgJqYOqgkNs and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Comstock

12 November 2014

an honoring, please, for Ms Elizabeth ... ... ... ... NOOOO forgetting

Happy Birthday today, ELIZABETH CADY Stanton!

The woman grew into their first selves and bulldozed 'em all out then ... ... !seven! kiddos.

No washing machines and no air conditioning and no furnaces and no refrigerators and no ranges.

And.and.and she still found time to get YOU past thus: and, although dead without casting a ballot herself, another 17,000,000 of you .f.i.n.a.l.l.y. into the voting booths by 1920.

11 November 2014

in y2014: life as a veterinarian when one is, ... ... instead, ... ... a woman

Still in y2014:  eg only this particular aspect ( out of many sexist ones ): 
USA salaries:  female $88,000 v male $112,000 … … sooo if hers is considered 100%, then his is 127%.   Wha’ ? !

[ And that isn’t even the one where the animal owner, knowing that she is the veterinary professor,
asks him, the student, for … …
… … The Medical Counsel. ]

From the time I graduated with my DVM in mid 1978, till now ?  36 years. 
IF I had been at practice at $24,000 LESS per year during 36 years’ time, then that would be $864,000 LESS ( gross ) that I have earned until now. 

[ And this is just in the United States. 
O.  O.no.no. … … no.no.no.  NOT worth it, is it ?  Is it ? … … Really ? ]
Sexism Straight From The Horse’s Mouth:
Life As A Female Veterinarian

06 November 2014

The family cat was lynched: THE BASIS for ALL separation of state from church in the USA

This birthday commemoration, that for Ms Vashti Cromwell McCollum who had she lived, would be 102 years old this date of 06 November 2014, is the type of commentary re a remembered birthday which all – the – time – only – happy – talk Morning Edition should have featured this morning --- in addition to or instead of the one which it did.  ( And, because of its crud, … … THE reason since Bob Edwards’ summary dismissal from its program leadership some time back … … that I refuse to donate $ to NPR anymore. )

The saga of Midwesterner Ms Vashti Cromwell McCollum and her three sons, one now himself long an attorney, of simple Champaign, Illinois, is both history – making and precedent – setting.  

The y1945trial and its outcome of Ms Vashti Cromwell McCollum IS:  THE basis for separation of state from church --- inside the United States of America.  That is just a year and a half 'fore my own birth.

Yet, in your, my, in any history textbooks of high school today? 

Does anyone even know of her?  Do we know of her and her Boys’ and spouse’s courage?  She and her kiddos were soooo, so horribly treated; her spouse from his state – supported university professorship was threatened with firing.

The Cromwell McCollum Family kitty cat was lynched.  The townspeople killed the atheist family's kitty.
  1. Martin, Douglas (26 Aug 2006). "Vashti McCollum, 93, Plaintiff In a Landmark Religion Suit". The New York Times. p. A13.
Why is our history so … … doggedly, persistently --- so purposefully … … hidden?

04 November 2014

"I sha'n't be gone long. — You come too."

ON my way to go VOTE today
and as from "The Pasture" by Robert Frost:

"I sha'n't be gone long. — You come too.":) 

... ... yet another favorite:  youtube.com/watch?v=pO70ZjZ0wrw  

17,000,000 went to the ballot box on 02 November 1920, who never before had been able to do so. 

Likely many then only voted as their spouses ordered them to … … but so not since !

No other 20th Century event, not ww i, not ww ii 
and not even the European Holocaust, ... ...
.IMPACTED. as many then --- nor since.