22 June 2014

21 June 2014

! tart / sour cherries of Iowa ! As was once quoted: " Because P.I.E. ! "

! Summer Solstice y2014 !

Chickabooma Cherry Tree lives on Marston Avenue and is, right now, laden with ripening fruit !

Hers requires picking, stoning and freezing - up within this very next fortnight.  Else the backyard's birds are its profiteers.

And if one is pitting for said local tart pies one’s own fruits, then one may want to be employing for this gargantuan effort what I know to be T.H.E. QUEEN of stoners … … thus: tinyurl.com/q73a6ff .

Still — since the cast iron Chop – Rite #16′s earliest manufacture in y1903 — it is available to be had through calculated online auction – sniping ! Cuts stoning one standard pie’s amount (four pitted cupfuls’ worth) down to a mere ¼ – hour’s work !

Such of Iowa’s labors on the Montmorency variety requires me to so N.O.T. be absent from Chickabooma any time during her last half of Junes !

And at all of the local potlucks held for whatever activity or reason, folks now simply “expect” after my 18 years’ time (so far) with Chickabooma that to these mighty finest - ever nomming events, “Blue is bringing her cherry pies, not ? !”

29 April 2014

another 29 April Tuesday: of 1975 = another part of the World: "catching babies like basketballs"

29 April 1975 // also a Tuesday as today
... ... sitting in class right before second - semester / first - year finals, veterinary medical school

... ... about myself to be pregnant for my first time ever ... ... the very next April.

I cannot imagine.  Even now.   Being that brave a mama.