24 November 2016

so ... ... Haaaappy, Happy Thanksgiving, AllYa'All ! y1980s - present day: CRISIS in FAMILY COURTS

from NOW:

"Crisis In Family Courts

There is a national crisis for women and their children in the family law courts of this country. Affirmed by experts and leaders in the women’s movement, the existence of this crisis is verified by women in every state who report injustice in their family law cases, especially battered mothers trying to protect their children from abusive fathers who aggressively litigate against them, using family court to stalk, harass, punish, and impoverish their former partners and children. NOW recognizes this crisis for women and their children and seeks to address discrimination against women in family courts.
The information presented here has been compiled by the National NOW Family Law Advisory Ad Hoc Committee. Created in April 2004, this all-volunteer committee is comprised of parents, grandparents, activists, paralegals, organizers, attorneys, and advocates from across the nation devoting their collective experience and expertise in family law and navigating the family court system to NOW’s work in promoting justice and equality for women.

In response to the discrimination and harassment women often face in family courts, the NOW Family Law Ad Hoc Committee has developed a brochure that provides practical recommendations for women encountering a difficult divorce or child custody case. It includes tips to help women better understand the judicial process, how to protect themselves in domestic violence situations, conduct proper case documentation and what to guard against in contested child custody cases.
A list of possible local resources for those who are suffering from domestic violence.
NOW’s Family Law Committee produces a newsletter with current news and information regarding the crisis for mothers and children in family courts. As many of our readers are aware, protective parents primarily mothersare losing custody of minor children in court proceedings that often ignore evidence of battering or child abuse and grant custody or unsupervised visitation TO the abusive parent.

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