14 March 2017

--- today --- 14 March y2017

Today --- 14 March y2017, is the 100th birthday
of Annabelle Mae Holden (Maas),
dead at her age then of 88 years, five months and one day.

To be said ?  She was a person who only wanted
from others ?  males' attentions and material things. 
Lots and lots of both. 
As a matter of fact, to her, of these there was never going to be ... ... enough.

Reality ?  She had had three daughters and one son.
Three daughters -- all of them with very different personae.
Put those three on a geometric shape, and they each
would occupy one tip of a triangle --
they were that different from each other.

Annabelle Holden (Maas) had had choices
to like at least one of them / at least one of her daughters.

She hated them all.  Every single one of the three.  They were competition; she had had, with daughters you see, to compete for & then to have to share males' attentions.

She herself had been the only daughter of a mousy, frumpy
( ! her adjectives ! for her very own) mother and to a father
who himself had been the Source of Sperm
for four others -- only boys.  Annabelle Holden
had had for herself as a child with these five males ... ...
noooo sharing of males' attentions onto .other. females.

Only child Annabelle Holden (Maas) wanted ?  the son.

Then ?   Then one daughter of Annabelle’s went in to her own middle and old age with no children of her own.

But two of those three daughters of hers ?  and that one wanted boy – child ?  Well.  The three of these children ?  They all went on to raise up kiddos of their own.  Seven total among the three of Annabelle’s.

All seven ?  All of these of Annabelle’s grandchildren ever ?  All boy - children.  Every one of the seven.  Male.  Not one single little baby girl.  Never ever.

So exhilarated and so galvanized by this twist of fate was Annabelle Holden (Maas) that, when one of her very own children, one of those two daughters, of course, and not that one son of hers, wholly UN j u s t i f i e d, poor and female, lost parental rights to three of her very own kiddos, that grandmother hesitated NOT ONE MOMENT before committing an ALL – OUT BETRAYAL OF TRUST of that child of Annabelle’s AND WENT OUT OF HER WAY to KEEP SECRET the fact that she, Annabelle, was herself doting upon and meeting up with and joyously visiting time and time and time again … … that daughter's own Boys.  Secrets that this person, Grandma Annabelle, so carefully kept from her own child just so that Grandma Annabelle could glom for herself alone ALL of those three grandsons’ and their ABUSING SOURCE of the Sperm that made up their DNA’s ... ... attentions.

The SAME Sperm Source who, for years and years and years and was VERY QUITE WELL KNOWN to this grandmother to be such a perpetrator of physical, verbal and judicial violence, had so crushed and hurled and wrought his unparalleled vengeance upon her very own child.  A child who was a female one, however.

That is who this 100 - year - old birthday "honoree" - person was. 

There are Others.  Just like her.

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