20 March 2017

message in re the "renewing birthday" of the Vernal Equinox ... ... Itself

Actually, We Four --- --- Mama and The Three Amigo - Kiddos ---  --- did this on 05 January 1986:  hoisted onto the residence's exterior such a verisimilar darling banner.  2412 Braemore Road.  The very same words.

Except, o'course, not with that Herry - hated and apparently nasty word of 'Daddy'.
With, on the banner instead then, the word 'Herry' --- --- as was always his (& no one else's) own dictate.

Only to be ... ... by then 40 - year - old Doctor Wonderful Herod Edinsmaier, wholly shot on down.  To pieces.  OOOOFTAH !  Was he ever F U R I O U S !

I mean: bloody coming after me - furious ... ... he was.  AND HE DID !

 I had to leave, fearing for my safety, and stay two nights at Robin and Robyn's place in the countryside.  Hauled like a SackO'Shit OUT OF MY OWN HOUSE --- OVER HIS SHOULDER --- AND  PITCHED ON DOWN ONTO THE PAVEMENT / ONTO THE CONCRETE I WAS !

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