21 January 2017

the covered butter dish offered as, AND ON, ... ... his way out ? !

The one, the only concession, but nevertheless the yooooge mistake without ever an apology that it was, which The Commander "may" have attempted to make ? =

= that, one time and without any spousal nor family consultation nor their inputs and without their ever even seeing it one time first, The Commander purchased a waaaay overpriced family residence on Othello Drive forcing them all to live there then ?

That --- that statement of his that: 
"I mighta made a mistake.  Maybe." is
the equivalent to my friends and to me
of his trying, with another purchased at the secondhand store,
to replace her busted ... ... "covered butter dish."

And actually is in reality = the passive aggressive and narcissistic way out, at the least even, of acknowledging the a c t u a l mistake requiring an apology AND A FULL and PERMANENT RENUNCIATION with CONCURRENT ESCHEWAL of The Commander = his taking and keeping away from me, for decades and decades and decades, my three children !

For STAYING AWARE and BEING ALWAYS ON GUARD and for PAYING ATTENTION to the Women's March on Washington (and, concurrently, Around the Whole World), my household's American flag today flies IN MOURNING at H A L F - M A S T ... ...

"But 'ordinary' is just:  what you're used to."

'cept:  NO more.  NO more gods.  NO more Commanders.

I am NO more on the run. 
I am NO more shut up.

I am NO longer ON the defense. 
NEVER AGAIN ... ... will I be FORCED onto the defensive.

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