16 October 2015

Yet again: one more "renowned" "scientist" of the Big I C K FACTOR !

Astronomer Geoffrey Marcy, shown here at a scientific conference in 2015, resigned Wednesday from his faculty position at the University of California, Berkeley.
Astronomer Geoffrey Marcy = http://tinyurl.com/okgpxmu


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What Geoffrey Marcy did was abominable. What didn’t do was worse.  
Michael Eisen @mbeisen Oct 14  
First they came for the sexual abusers, and I did not speak out -- Because they're a fucking plague.


And from UC - Berkeley's Dr Ellen Simms on the huge and so - not - hidden muck:  "because none of those cases will ever see the light of day. There is no truth and reconciliation commission, no workable mechanism to undo the past damage.

We remain angry about those forever unpunished transgressions; we’re furious and sad for those who lost their way when they were tossed aside by the great professors or when, too late, they realized the inequity of their situation and had to leave their chosen field and drop out of school, abandoning their life’s dreams. We’re angry at how the papering over of these transgressions belittles us and our importance in the enterprises to which we have dedicated our lives."


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