11 September 2017

MY OWN 11 September in y1990, NOT in y2001

Happy Birthday, Daddy !💚🎉

Lordy, Lordy, Daddy's 40 ...

5:42 PM – 05 Jan 1986

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Inside a little county courtroom --- just like within a bagazillion of them across this USA --- my own 11 September O U T R A G E began.  11 September y1990.  Also a Monday morning.  As today's. 

y1986 on 05 January resulted in the 40th birthday of MY three children's sperm source.  We Four, the Three Boys and I, hung a homemade (out of a white bedsheet !) and colorful banner stating the above couplet upon our 2408 Braemore Road residence's entry.  Columbia, Missouri.

The sperm source ... ... when he came home and initially viewed it ?  The sperm source became so enraged that ... ... not only did he tear the banner down and rip it up in front of Us All but he also threw me over his shoulder like a bag of rubbish and waste, carried me out of my own home, tossed me down upon its concrete sidewalk, strode back inside my house and locked its front door.

It was icy and cold.  It was January after all.  I was locked out for two nights and two days.  Locked OUT of MY OWN home.  Because ?  Because ... ... he CAN.  So ?  So he DOES.

That violence ?  That one, of many, did not matter.  The e x a l t e d sperm source still got from similarly violent and, as well as the sperm source himself, woman - loathing judges, all patriarchs, ... ... sole custody of the three minor children whom I alone risked my own body's health and well - being http://www.thelizlibrary.org/liz/004.htm  to actually grow Them ALL in to ... ... Their First Selves.

I, The Handmaid.
And, Nothing More.

.N e v e r.  .f o r g e t.
Photo published for The Handmaid's Tale: Night, episode 10: what will happen to Offred?

"What is wrong w you?
How can you do this?
You're deranged.
You're fucking EVIL, you know that?
Heartless. Sadistic." = 

= You are a terrorist,
a savage,
a smug thug and
... ... a criminal.

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