29 July 2017

ONLY written by authors who are women

What are you reading now ? 

That is, what are you reading now ... ... with this caveat:
what works ONLY written by authors who are women or girls ?

I see a bagazillion comments here upon this post of https://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2017/07/29/what-im-reading-and-you/#comments

I see no persons there reading A Thing authored by a human being who is a female one.

I see that in other such websites' posts as well.  ALL of the Time.

Why is that ?  Why is it that folks loooove to recount how it is that they are such terrific and voracious readers.



ONLY are they so widely read of authors' works where said authors are men.

Why is that ?  (This query is rhetorical cuz:  ALLWeALL KNOW the answer, o'course, don't We ?!)

So:  what works are you now reading which are authored by a woman or a girl ?

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