06 May 2017

... ... Any day now. Any day now. We shall be ... ...

"Nolite te bastardes carborundorum, Bitches."
Any day now.  Any day now.  We shall be ... ...

I made for him, Commander Edinsmaier,
the perfect, perfect, perfect handmaid.
Babies.  Babies.  Babies.

But only in the manner of Ms Atwood's the Handmaid's Tale.

Then ... ... whilst the Commander could not make me actually dead
and himself, though, publicly keep intact his soooo - desired Rolex - life
as was his literal - want,
I was ... ... still ... ... out and gone.

The Pussy Cunt - Handmaid was out and gone.

p 234 - 235, Chapter 27, Mother - Fucking

"What kind of payoff in 1989, is there in it for the 17 – year – old, older brother – Joy Toy Boy Daddee who spends only $67 on his children’s needs but then at the very same time simply tosses down to the nine – year – old, the ten – year – old and the twelve – year – old children just about that very amount to spend as they so choose on their wants for the month?  Well, the bonus, the perk, that payoff is not even subtle:  Herry – Daddee continued to purchase the Truemaier Boys’ affections –– even after the separation, no change in his will regarding this laissez – faire behavior of his here, for sure.  A soooo perpetuating sequel, wouldn’t you say, Jury, to Dr. Herod Edinsmaier’s becoming the primary caretaking parent for my three minor children, for this finally freed potty – brain from out of the Brookside Forest?  

Finally only near the ends of both of these Discovery sets do we come to the inquiries and answers regarding each other’s opinions about qualities or traits necessary to be custodial parents of human offspring!  To be the continuing primary caretaking parent of the babies whom I alone grew and whom I alone birthed.  And was …, from their git – go, trusted to so do!  From a bumpersticker I recently read, “If you can’t trust me with The Choice, then how can you trust me with The Child?”  

But!  But I had been trusted with both! … And times three!  Three perfect, perfect, perfect platinum blonde, blue – eyed Aryan boy babies!  Bada bing, bada bang, bada boom!  Regarding The Choice, too, just wait, Jury, till you know the Good and Wonderful Dr. Herod Edinsmaier’s C H O I C E for … Dr. Legion True’s, for my uterus’s very first fruitful fecundity … … Zane. Huge H I N T here, Jury:  Think … A B O R T I O N.

Beginning with #20 out of a total of 24 interrogatories, we read that a mere five or only about 20 percent of all of the queries pertain to, well, … the characters of the adults, the Truemaier Boys’ mother and father!  Too, these five are not so standard nor routine either.  As a matter of fact, they’re pretty personal.  Or, I should say … personalized.  Worded so that the questions fit me most specifically.  I The Mother, and never the Petitioner, not the father, am decidedly singled out to specifically be put on the defensive right off.  Sexist!"

*     *     *     *

p 229, Chapter 27, Mother - Fucking

"But for the perfectly pillared and countenanced Dr. Herod Edinsmaier the Parent, the ideal of Paternal leadership Himself, the Father who so – oft fuckfully fancied in the Shitbox Dodge whilst motoring us all past Midwest pastures of grazing Holsteins modeling through his full facial hair, his brownish bushy beard and handlebar mustache, its sniggering and snorting bulls’ snouts sniffing after the several cows’ vulvae, … for Daddee – Herry to be so self – absorbed as to believe that he did not even need, let alone think, to tell ‘the Court’, that is, to tell a similarly elevated judge – man, that the primo papa actually loves my three sons smacks of the highest degree in androcentric arrogance and entitlement.  To the actual point that its absolute absence in the situation of child custody! qualifies as hate speech … that silence – genre of thuggery so, so commonly perped by Terrorist King Herod.  … With much more of only the same to come."

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