25 December 2016

! >$5,000.00's worth over all of the years' worth !

Some mamas will drop off presents not even knowing IF
they will be received by their beloved children.

ME:  Over $5,000.00's worth over all of the years' worth.

OR:  IF Sperm Source, along with and assisted by His Next Pussy,
will give MY kiddos MY gifts ... ...
AS IF these presents came from him !  And not from me !

AS IF I had abandoned and forgotten my own kiddos !  O, indeed !

Some mamas will not even know what to give their beloved children
as they have had so little or NO contact that mama does not even know
what presents her own children would like.

What types of pets and other animals, what kinds of music, singers, drama, sports and other activities are her children into ?
What sizes do her children now wear ?
What are their favorite colors, books or toys ?

What we are feeling, the loss and the pain ?  Few get it.
Unless you have been here,
you cannot begin to know The Depth of the heartbreak and raw pain.

Down to One's Very Core.

No.  Not again.
I am --- never again --- to be put onto The Defensive !


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