24 May 2016

"It is past time" for: ... ...

24 May 2016, from 24 May 1989 = 27 years' time
since Herry took his M O T H E R F U C K I N G 
to the "official" .legal. / family law courts' level

"It is past time that:
he was subjected to the R A T I O N A L critique that
he has evaded so arrogantly and for so long." 

--- only a wee pronoun - paraphrasing of:
THE very last sentence written 
("Afterword," page 105)
by Mr Christopher Hitchens 
inside his 1995 dedication to Gertrude and Edwin Blue entitled
The Missionary Position:
Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice

This RATIONAL critique
of Herry (Re: I am snide) Edinsmaier ?

THIS demands nothing less than thus:

the  R E N U N C I A T I O N of him 
with All's concurrent
E S C H E W A L.

"It is past time" for: ... ... 

the RENUNCIATION of him 

with All's concurrent 


Herry Edinsmaier.

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