22 April 2016

on Earth Day y2016, Ya' May Wanna Know About This ... ...

... ... about this:  https://hopejahrensurecanwrite.com/2014/08/29/thursday-night-dear-colleague-letter

(You may want to know .not. about sending email transmissions to very UNintended people.)  Instead:  You may want to know that .still. in y2016 ?  STILL in y2016, and WORLDWIDE, women and girls .still. meet up with SEXISM in S C I E N C E endeavors of theirs.

Who'd've thought, back when I was 18, in May y1966, and graduated high school, rural Midwest, as at where was raised also Dr Jahren, that this muck 'd still exist.

Rampantly.  In the USA !  Let alone, Worldwide.

Who would have thought this ?  Who would have thought that not only is SEXISM Worldwide not only .not. COMPLETELY GONE by the year 2016, but that SEXISM is incredibly h u g e l y existent .STILL. in allegedly First World and E D U C A T E D areas ? !  Who ? !

You already .do. know this:  There IS a solution.
NOT only is there a solution ... ... but this as well ! = the solution is freakin' C H E A P ! 

Where is, in y2016 and beyond, the solution therefor:  the W I L L (ingness)?

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