22 December 2015

The WHOLE WORLD OVER: ---------------------- ... ... the message is CLEAR !

"Deck The Gals With Neon Duct Tape: Photographer Declares “FINALLY, Peace On Earth” 

BY silencing ONLY the human beings in the photograph who are the female ones ... ... with green even:  with GREEN neon tape for the holidays. 

THE WHOLE WORLD OVER: "The message is clear.  The women have had their mouths forcibly closed, and their hands tied.  Finally, father and son know peace! No annoying women can be heard, and they can’t move either.  Toss ‘em in a closet and you don’t even have to see them.  Such bliss !"  

The littlest, a boy child, is not bound and gagged for the photograph.  No, he is placed in a prime position for subjugation, standing, triumphant, for smirking right next to his equally free father ... ... whilst Mama is tied up and duct - taped as well as the two "worthless" children who are the female ones.     

* * * * *   
FINALLY, the EVIDENCE from a loooong and long / HUGE research study
   ... ... for what I have loooong and long believed:  vaginal exams are wholly UNnecessary !


"A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine reports that there is NO ESTABLISHED MEDICAL JUSTIFICATION for the annual procedure. After scouring nearly 70 years of pelvic exam studies, conducted from 1946 to 2014, the researchers found NO EVIDENCE that they lead to any reduction in 'morbidity or mortality of any condition' among women !"                         

"MODERN" Medicine & Doctors:  "Keep Her SILENT !"

Soooo M E R R Y  WINTER SOLSTICE to ALL ... ... !             

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