12 July 2015

Mr Tayler continues to N A I L it: WOO's PATRIARCHAL TYRANNY


"The Bible contains no how - to verse about sex.  Moreover, for millennia belief in God has staunched the libido of his miserably deluded votaries and engendered all manner of agonizing neuroses. 

The problem with accepting God as sex guru comes from His character and the alleged nature of His omniscient, omnipresent surveillance of us, which doesn’t exactly accord with any concept of healthy sexual expression.  For starters, the Bible informs us that God 'our Father' knows our thoughts and our hearts, and what we do everywhere and at all times.  So it follows that God our Father is in the bedroom with us.  From all the condemnatory biblical injunctions concerning sex, we know He’s an avid, censorious voyeur of our amorous exertions.  Not very arousing, that.
To make this more vivid: How would you feel if you knew your own father was not only watching you make love but monitoring your fantasies as you do so?  What if he were also evaluating you as a candidate for everlasting punishment?  What if he happened to be jealous, cruel and vindictive, and always – always! – on your case?  Would you feel comfortable having sex in his presence and seeking his sex advice?
And what about women, in particular?  Let’s not forget that God the Father treats His 'daughters' with wanton cruelty. He assigns them to men as property (Exodus 20:17).  He created them innately 'unclean,' or they become so once a month, and doubly so if they shamefully happen to give birth to girls (Leviticus 12:1-8).  He forces them to undergo the agonies of childbirth as punishment for listening to a talking snake (Genesis 3:16).  They can join their sisters in a man’s multitudinous concubinage (1 Kings: 11:3) or be one of his many wives, but not have more than one husband themselves.  Their biological fathers can sell them into sex slavery (Exodus 21:7).  They can be won as war booty (Numbers 31:17-18).  Their word means nothing unless male relatives back them up (Numbers 30:1-16).  They have to keep their mouths shut in church (1 Corinthians 14:34), obey their husbands (Colossians 3:18), and have no right to teach them anything (1 Timothy 2:11-12).
I’ve mixed Old and New Testaments here, but remember, no verse in the Bible authorizes us to disregard a single word of it. Jesus himself stated this explicitly.
What self-respecting – I repeat, self-respecting — woman of our time, examining the 'Good Book' and finding in it so many atrocities, would look to its monstrous 'Holy Father' protagonist for sex advice?  The Lord and his rule book merit the ancient Roman judgment of damnatio memoriae — the opprobrium of being never mentioned again and consigned to the rushing waters of Lethe, to be born out to sea and eternal oblivion.  We should have moved beyond all this 'holy' gibberish long ago.  We certainly don’t need to drag it into our bedrooms now."
And, this from Mr Tayler, as well, bearing in mind that these thinkings and doings by every woo - wielding parent re Stuffs Sexual is so, so Just The Same As:  Islamopalooza's obsessions with women's and girls' va - jay - jays !
"The unwholesome obsession the Purity Movement parents display with the state of their daughters’ genitalia should set off alarm bells.  Remember, a father concernedly intoning to his young teen, 'I’m worried about your chastity, dear!' really means 'I’m obsessed with your vagina, little one!'  Richard Dawkins has suggested that forcing religion on children be considered tantamount to child abuse – something Child Protective Services might want to keep in mind if they are ever called to the homes of Purity Movement members.
The ultimate way to fight cults such as the Purity Movement?  Free, forthright and unfettered speech about religion, liberally administered to those seduced by faith’s dark dogmas and to children, of course, who should be warned that pious perverts are lurking abroad, waiting to warp their minds with God - prattle and calls to 'purity.'
Recall the damage religion does.  Remember the radiant faces of the young in 'The Virgin Brides.'

If only for their sake, speak out.  Thomas Paine would be proud."
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a "physician" = = = but YET ONE MORE Islamopaloozist !  = = = Hatem Elhagaly (aka “Hatem Al Haj”) worked as a doctor in Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Albert Lea, Minnesota. His special interests are in (WAIT FOR IT !)... ... ... ... ... ... ... child development !  He is also a proponent of Female Genital Mutilation !  And besides being JUST WRONG / CLEARLY EVIL, then also in the United States, a felony - level CRIME !


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