02 June 2015

the time is NOW: the CALL to be ACCOUNTABLE

From Dr Jerry Coyne and Why Evolution is True of 02 June 2015, thus: "But there comes a time, and the time is now, when those who traffic in such accusations must be called to account, particularly when they’ve erred, tarred someone’s reputation, and then, when their accusations prove to be false, quietly ignore them rather than admit error.

This behavior is shameful and reprehensible, and it is properly called out."

From the Battered Women’s J U S T I C E Project, " … … we know from our work that when people talk about false allegations, they often refer to mothers who make false allegations of abuse by fathers, ostensibly to ‘get a leg up’ in a custody case.

Rarely do we hear people talk about fathers who make false allegations against mothers (that they are ‘crazy,’ for instance).

In our experience, when a mother says, ‘he’s abusive,’ family court practitioners ALMOST ALWAYS TRY TO FIGURE OUT IF SHE IS LYING !

Yet, when an allegedly abusive father says, ‘she’s crazy,’ family court practitioners almost ALWAYS try to figure out if she’s crazy. THEY RARELY ASK WHETHER FATHERS RAISE ! FALSE ! ALLEGATIONS OF MENTAL ILLNESS to ‘get a leg up’ in a custody case.


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