25 March 2014

Ms Gloria's birthday today: what Ms Gloria means to me

“ Sometimes in a college lecture hall there would be thousands and thousands of people … and sometimes in smaller groups there would be a woman with a crying baby in the back of the room.

Gloria would say, ‘Would the woman with the crying baby please stay.’

And everybody applauded, and everybody got teary – eyed. It was an era when women were always told, ‘You can’t have your child misbehave’ ---- and she would have left the room.

[Gloria’s remark] exemplified the inclusive[ness], generosity and genuineness of Gloria that she always exhibited. ”

    — Ms Karin LippertMs promotion director, 1972 – 1981 // http://msmagazine.com/blog/2014/03/25/what-gloria-steinem-means-to-me

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