28 July 2013


[ ... ... ON puffing up / inflating / the tumefaction of one's Self with two BOGUS college degrees Dr Herry Edinsmaier never earned and never received ! = Me.hit.able's 'religion' of " image control " and " historical revisionism / negationism ! " ... ... p 216 of Chapter 26, An Opera in Three Acts – But with Five Parts Acts One and Two: Parts One, Two and Three – Their Overture in Book Three's Mother - Fucking ]

" So.

To begin then, “Wha’, Herry?  ‘From 1968 through 1972’ you taught junior high, then suddenly back in Ames you have, you swear, a grad degree in cell biology also in 1972?  But didn’t go to med school until 1975?  That ain’t so at all, now is it, Herry?  No graduate degree #1, Herry – zip, zilch on the master’s degree, right?!  That, well, along with all of your other procrastinations, well, … that just never did happen ever, now did it, Hype – ing Hypocrite Herry?  No diploma ‘tall!  Not even in 1975, which is when you left graduate school after I literally lived with and doctored you day and night, 24 / 7, back to life from a deathly parasitic pulmonary infestation from June 1975, right through till nine days before medical school began in late August 1975, when you were released from Oakdale Sanitarium outside Iowa City to where I’d had Devin drive you at top, breakneck speeds two weeks earlier and he thought those two harrowing hours in the car that you, coughing, gasping, cyanotic and doubled over, … that you were going to die on him right there racing down the interstate.  Okaaay, now that that’s straight, there’s more, isn’t there, Herry?!  How it is I literally saved that sacko’shit life of yours for you, isn’t there?!”

The tangible –– and screaming –– absence of Herry’s master’s degree in cell biology, something really, really easy to prove, well, did anyone bother ever to bring back to Judge Sol Wacotler Seizor the actual “evidence” of its existence?!  Of its nonexistence? ! ! ! 
“In fact, the master’s degree’s nonexistence has, indeed, hasn’t it Hype – ing Hypocrite Herry, just exactly the same nonexistence to it as that of a supposedly earned bachelor’s degree in physics ! ! ! which You, the Good and Wonderful Doctor Edinsmaier, to this day in Grubtrop and in Montclank, West Virginia, also claim to have, at one time, merited and deservedly received ! ! ! – but in point of actual fact, continue several decades later to pad thereby falsifying your medical organizations’ and societies’ résumés with and there state (as well as at these several agencies’ websites!) that you once obtained this alleged physics degree at Iowa State University –– when you soooo never did do? ! ! !  Ha!” 

Of course, we already know the answer to that –– along with all of the other NOT! answers to the very same question after every written affidavit lie and almost all of them, if not all of them, most easily and equally ascertained as false and, therefore, lies and – and – and, therefore too, … the crime of perjury!   Ya’ know, the crime detailed at Iowa Code, Chapter 720.2.  IF only they had been.  IF only that other pillar of the community known as daJudge, Judge Sol Wacotler Seizor, had ordered up the tangible proof  of … what it is … ‘he said’! "

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