24 November 2009

“ … yet again, … another National Day of Mourning …”

"Some ask us: 'Will you ever stop protesting?'

Some day we will stop protesting: We will stop protesting when the merchants of Plymouth are no longer making millions of dollars off the blood of our slaughtered ancestors. We will stop protesting when we can act as sovereign nations on our own land without the interference of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and what Sitting Bull called the "favorite ration chiefs." When corporations stop polluting Our Mother, the Earth. When racism has been eradicated. When the oppression of two – spirited people is a thing of the past. We will stop protesting when homeless people have homes and no child goes to bed hungry. When police brutality no longer exists in communities of color. We will stop protesting when Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal and and the Puerto Rican independentistas and all the political prisoners are free.

Until then, the struggle will continue."
–- Moonanum James, UNAINE, 26 November 1998

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