09 August 2009

"""That's because a large portion of feminist scholars and activists are i) male – identified or ii) childless themselves and / or iii) the second wives of older men or iv) the partners of lesbian mothers or v) still carrying the culture's anti – mother belief systems or vi) well –meaning but just motherhood – ignorant and vii) so forth ––– so have a huge embarrassed problem with it themselves. It's not the gender – neutral, androgynous world they would prefer.

So ––– it's okay to demand that women who want to trot right back to work postpartum get facilitated in their efforts to do so, but there really is no desire or intention to facilitate women's wanting to actually BE with and nurture their children. Very cognitive dissonant.

The same thing comes up in the daycare / child care issue.



On 07 August 2009, c____ wrote:

I wish the breastfeeding issue was not only mentioned but publicly written about, discussed, and outraged against. This is one of those issues that when I've told people about it, most have simply not believed me. It seems to get no publicity at all.



On 07 August 2009, l__ wrote:

Breastfeeding: Natural Protector Against Swine Flu

Cecilia is a lawyer. Why is there no mention in the article of the abomination of judges in child custody cases ordering mothers to stop breastfeeding in order to facilitate father's rights?

Why is there no mention in the article of the abomination of judges ordering women involuntarily to have to pump their breast milk like they were cows in order to facilitate men's exalted demands for playing mommy?


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Blue of Central Iowa said...

received 10 August 2009, in email from E L:

"""Oh, the ordering of stopping breastfeeding was surely in the past. However, my suggestion --- --- feel free to pass it on.

I can't imagine anyone able to get away with making a woman stop breastfeeding when the apparent health benefits are known.

Oh, yeah, wait a second! I can so imagine such a new industry of wet nurses at the disposal of fathers. I can imagine that. Maybe they can be prisoners--like in the Handmaid's Tale--forced to do this so no one has to pay money for their work. Yeah, I can imagine that.

I have a BS in dietetics, but am not a practicing dietitian. The
negative health ramifications of stopping breastfeeding are huge to the baby, and breastfeeding also helps the mother's body return to normal.

In order to educate these judges and to make a case for the mother's and the baby's rights to both be as healthy as possible, I suggest contacting a dietitian or better yet a professor of nutrition at a university to get
all the facts about the positive health benefits.

I think ordering someone to cease and desist breastfeeding should be considered paramount to NUTRITIONAL CHILD ABUSE that may lead to obesity and other health issues as an adult, and that is not even considering the swine flu scare.

When I was in college, I was told that physicians have very
little nutritional knowledge, their having only one college course in nutrition. I have no idea about pediatricians, but I suspect they are woefully lacking all but the very basics of nutrition.