20 March 2017

message in re the "renewing birthday" of the Vernal Equinox ... ... Itself

Actually, We Four --- --- Mama and The Three Amigo - Kiddos ---  --- did this on 05 January 1986:  hoisted onto the residence's exterior such a verisimilar darling banner.  2412 Braemore Road.  The very same words.

Except, o'course, not with that Herry - hated and apparently nasty word of 'Daddy'.
With, on the banner instead then, the word 'Herry' --- --- as was always his (& no one else's) own dictate.

Only to be ... ... by then 40 - year - old Doctor Wonderful Herod Edinsmaier, wholly shot on down.  To pieces.  OOOOFTAH !  Was he ever F U R I O U S !

I mean: bloody coming after me - furious ... ... he was.  AND HE DID !

 I had to leave, fearing for my safety, and stay two nights at Robin and Robyn's place in the countryside.  Hauled like a SackO'Shit OUT OF MY OWN HOUSE --- OVER HIS SHOULDER --- AND  PITCHED ON DOWN ONTO THE PAVEMENT / ONTO THE CONCRETE I WAS !

15 March 2017

BEWARE the IDES of March - like preacher - predator dudes ... ... such as

... ... such as one particular one named Timothy Keller.

Preachers are anything but reverent so they do not get, from me, any such entitling !
Ya' know:  no Reverend this or Rev. that !  Religion is incompatible with S C I E N C E !


They use something they call prayer. 
Prayer is nothing more than one's TALKING to oneself.

So.  Show me the evidence.  Ya' know, Mr Keller, AS OF
the Scientific Method:  The EVIDENCE therefor.  A Thing in Religion.

"Religious Education" is child ABUSE.  Very many Folks Using Evidence for their lives KNOW this.  No child should be inculcated with religious indoctrination.  ELIMINATE INHERITED FALSEHOODS and MUCK.

The looking into the World's Islam, Judaism and Christianity --- AS to mock it AS dumb and, worse, AS harmful should not be begun UNTIL adulthood. 

IF no child knew A Thing about "religions" until they were 18 and over ?  The World would be soooo, so ... ... well, C A L M !

Have your kiddos INHERIT this dead but REAL dude's stuffs instead !
https://twitter.com/DickKingSmith/status/841995856320577536 !

Are not only REAL but far, far more U S E F U L ! / MEANINGFUL !

QUERY:  How many WOMEN and GIRLS can you name who wrote ONE WORD
of the qur'an, of the torah, of the (Old Gideon Men's) biblette ? !

SO:  DO NOT COME TO ME with crud like "how MOST influential over ALL the World" ANY of these writings are !  They ARE NOT !  Women ARE !

Women PERPETUATE the species !  Or NOT !  NOW ,THAT.

a Why Evolution is True website - excerpt from last 25 December, ie, y2016: 
"What a reprehensible and unempathic little toad Keller is! And why did Kristof and the NYT give his blatherings space in the Christmas issue.
Where’s an atheist to talk about evidence ?"

TIME for The Mocking thereof ! 2nd excerpt = comments re The Toad's "brain":


Rev Jeremiah Caldon
Posted December 25, 2016 at 1:32 pm | Permalink
Regarding belief in the resurrection and the virgin birth.
A perfect man rebelled against God and introduced sin (falling short of the glory, i.e. perfection, of God) into the world (ROMANS 3:23). For sinners to be reconciled with God would require that they pay the punishment for ALL of their sin, individually. Since ALL sin is mortal i.e., requires both temporal and eternal DEATH, no one can pay for their own sin (ROMANS 6:23). To resolve this seeming dilemma, God foreordained that He Himself would enter the world in physical form, live a perfect live, and die a death that would pay the eternal debt for ALL sinners (ROMANS 5:8). Those that believe i.e., trust, in His payment would be forgiven their sin, reconciled with God and secure eternal LIFE (EPHESIANS 2:8-9).
The virgin birth is necessary for God, in the form of the Messiah Jesus, to be both perfect (therefore, able to make both a widespread and eternal payment for sin) and a man (therefore, able to specifically save mankind).
The resurrection is necessary for God to demonstrate that He alone has power over temporal and eternal life and over physical and spiritual death.
If the Messiah, Jesus, was merely a man, he could not pay for the sin of others. Even were he perfect, he could not pay the sin of others.
If the Messiah, Jesus, were not resurrected, he would have no power over death, temporal or eternal.
As you can see, Jesus as a mortal man who died a common death cannot provide eternal life for anyone. Jesus as God-in-the-flesh can provide reconciliation for ALL those who repentant of their sin and trust exclusively in His death and resurrection as eternal satisfaction for sin.
In short, belief in the virgin birth and the Resurrection are essential elements to trusting the Messiah, Jesus, for payment of one’s sin and the guarantee of Eternal Life. It’s a package deal in which skepticism is resolved by trusting in the testimony of eyewitnesses and drawing the correct conclusion (a process that defies scientific method, which requires recreation of the original process; but, which easily replicates the method we use in our justice system every day). — Rev. Caldon

  • rickflick
    Posted December 25, 2016 at 3:31 pm | Permalink
    Is anybody else’s head spinning after reading this?

    • GBJames
      Posted December 25, 2016 at 3:56 pm | Permalink
      I stifled myself.

  • GBJames
    Posted December 25, 2016 at 3:54 pm | Permalink
    And you know this how exactly?
    • Posted December 25, 2016 at 3:58 pm | Permalink
      That was my question. The answer, of course, will be, “Because the Bible says so!”"

14 March 2017

--- today --- 14 March y2017

Today --- 14 March y2017, is the 100th birthday
of Annabelle Mae Holden (Maas),
dead at her age then of 88 years, five months and one day.

To be said ?  She was a person who only wanted
from others ?  males' attentions and material things. 
Lots and lots of both. 
As a matter of fact, to her, of these there was never going to be ... ... enough.

Reality ?  She had had three daughters and one son.
Three daughters -- all of them with very different personae.
Put those three on a geometric shape, and they each
would occupy one tip of a triangle --
they were that different from each other.

Annabelle Holden (Maas) had had choices
to like at least one of them / at least one of her daughters.

She hated them all.  Every single one of the three.  They were competition; she had had, with daughters you see, to compete for & then to have to share males' attentions.

She herself had been the only daughter of a mousy, frumpy
( ! her adjectives ! for her very own) mother and to a father
who himself had been the Source of Sperm
for four others -- only boys.  Annabelle Holden
had had for herself as a child with these five males ... ...
noooo sharing of males' attentions onto .other. females.

Only child Annabelle Holden (Maas) wanted ?  the son.

Then ?   Then one daughter of Annabelle’s went in to her own middle and old age with no children of her own.

But two of those three daughters of hers ?  and that one wanted boy – child ?  Well.  The three of these children ?  They all went on to raise up kiddos of their own.  Seven total among the three of Annabelle’s.

All seven ?  All of these of Annabelle’s grandchildren ever ?  All boy - children.  Every one of the seven.  Male.  Not one single little baby girl.  Never ever.

So exhilarated and so galvanized by this twist of fate was Annabelle Holden (Maas) that, when one of her very own children, one of those two daughters, of course, and not that one son of hers, wholly UN j u s t i f i e d, poor and female, lost parental rights to three of her very own kiddos, that grandmother hesitated NOT ONE MOMENT before committing an ALL – OUT BETRAYAL OF TRUST of that child of Annabelle’s AND WENT OUT OF HER WAY to KEEP SECRET the fact that she, Annabelle, was herself doting upon and meeting up with and joyously visiting time and time and time again … … that daughter's own Boys.  Secrets that this person, Grandma Annabelle, so carefully kept from her own child just so that Grandma Annabelle could glom for herself alone ALL of those three grandsons’ and their ABUSING SOURCE of the Sperm that made up their DNA’s ... ... attentions.

The SAME Sperm Source who, for years and years and years and was VERY QUITE WELL KNOWN to this grandmother to be such a perpetrator of physical, verbal and judicial violence, had so crushed and hurled and wrought his unparalleled vengeance upon her very own child.  A child who was a female one, however.

That is who this 100 - year - old birthday "honoree" - person was. 

There are Others.  Just like her.